Monday, December 06, 2004

random stuff

did not on my lappie for the past few days. cant bring myself to do it.

Work was good on saturday. The usual.. :) not much dramas. jus that julian managed to scratch me and brandon made me chase him.

2 interviews this coming week.

and yes. i'm still uncertain abt when i am coming back to spore. High chance of me returning for a year at least.

Mum has too low expectations of's expectations are too high. hrmph. Although mum was in a exceptionally good mood today....

Emotions: it runs deep. hurt. confused. excited. guarded. torn. beautiful. sad. jus a whole bunch of them. either way. there r no solutions. just deep pain. the other side of the coin? light.

it hurts when the person who u care for so long finally realised your importance and your existance after a breakup... when the person screams in frustration in realisation..when the other party had been screaming for the past 4 years and finally lost her voice.

enjoy the moment. all that i have now.

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