Thursday, December 09, 2004


official results isnt out yet. However reliable sources..and logical thinking hinted strongly that I obtained a 2A for honours. It isnt too bad since at least i know i am eligible for postgrad...just a matter what uni will accept me. Cant say i am not disappointed but i'm more concern abt the uncertain next year than my grades.

Tomorrow is the interview for murdoch.

Had a wonderful day yesterday. Watched "Remember me"- such a dysfunctional yet so normal family. Start scrapping the idea about a 'model family'. There is no such thing. As for "Stage Beauty"- Wonderful... ppl who like lit.. pls try and grab that movie. I like it.

Ppl r all over the place now. JJ-Ipoh, Adam n Chee-Singapore, Jimmy-Japan....

2 questions.

1) Falling in love (and by that i dont mean those 'love at first sight' more like..gradual thing) is different from being in love. Is falling in love a choice? or Being in love a choice?

My own answer to that is falling in love is NOT a choice. Being in love is. Any thoughts on this one ppl?

2) Is it better to meet the right guy at the wrong time or the wrong guy at the right time?

OF coz the ideal situation is to meet the right guy at the right time. If i hv to would probably be the right guy at the wrong time. Wrong time-if it is the right guy...will there be such thing? Not sure... mm.. Thoughts anyone?


Thoughts said...

r u sure u want to meet the right guy at the wrong time? as i said on my blog, right guy at the wrong time is still wrong. meeting the wrong guy at the rite time simply gives u the option of remaining a swinging single; not a bad option u know.

r u not happy wif a 2A?

just another thought, if that so n so really got a 2B, do u think she will continue whingeing, cursing and swearing abt how exam system is unfair, too late etc etc etc.... when all she needed was to work harder n stop being a know all?

daphne said...

I think between the choice of that 2.. the right guy at the wrong time is a better option. As in just btw that 2 options babe. Having said that, i do not mean that it is a certainity i will pick that in life circumstances. Of coz in real life we hv being single as a choice..and honestly, being single is better than being in a unhappy r/s. we deserve better ya? :p

as for 2A...i'm alright with that. I am a little disappointed but that doesnt mean i didnt see it coming. Like i said to you before, a grade does not measure our potential in what we can really do.

If she kicks up a fuss because of the grade...and not because of the equity issues... *shake head*... she prob will whinge and let it go. Besides, she wont get a 2B.. at least i dont think so..

Thoughts said...

of course she won't get a 2B. it's social psych after all.

Anonymous said...

normally i wont post any comment.. and sorry for the late comment.. hope you read it.. if not.. too bad.. nothing i can do... i wont comment on the right guy or wrong guy.. but i would like to ask you a question on the right time and wrong time.. what is right time and what is wrong time? is it that you plan to move from point A to B in a straight line.. and anything that happens that brought you outside that line is wrong time?

everybody has a goal... they set the goal and walk the path in straight line... however, often there will be unexpected things that happened which leads us off that line... is that a bad time? if the good things happen and brought you out of that line.. is it a good things happened during a bad time? hmm... nice thoughts eh? if your answer is yes... its good things happens during bad time... then congrats.. you are gonna live quite a miserable life... why? when does good things happen? unexpectedly... same as when does bad things happen... however.. back to square one.. what is good things and bad things (hence the right guy and wrong guy)... when an event happens.. it can be good and it can be bad.. when is it good? when is it bad? its good when you think its good.. you disregard the negative thought and accept it as it is.. learn from it.. which is quite hard for lots of ppl... but those of you who got this mentality... it will always be a good events and hence good memories you wish to look back to when you are old and chuckle abt it... bad.. well.. i dunt have to go there... its the reverse... ok.. back to the timing.. its the same.. its how you look at it... what bad timing? since when something happens at a bad timing? who set the timing in the first place?

us... we set it... you can say.. oh.. i am gonna study hard.. dunt want any influence.. after 4 years get the degree come out work... independent... and set it as point A to point B... suddenly.. a guy appeared.. blow you off the feet.. fall like stone.... then you suffer... juggle between the guy and studies... struggle in studies but just manage to make ends meet... whats that? bad timing? well... would you rather choose not to have the guy and the happiness he will bring? all the things that he will do and change your life to a happy life? or you prefer it never happen and you just continue with your dull and unexciting life and achieve your goals in straight lines and live like that till old with nothing to look back to? it can be sad memories... it can be good memories... if you take it that is.... not like straight line... but.. its still memories... that proves you have live life to its fullest... arent it?

we always draw a straight line... but things always make us get off that line... and depending on your mentality.. it can be good or bad.. but actually you are the one who choose whether its good.. or bad.. and the timing... well... if you can plan everything that goes to your plan.. you can be god already :) whether its bad or good.. its still your choice how you wanna look at it.. it may come unexpectedly.. swept you off your balance... create a havoc and chaos in your life.. but.. its can still be a good timing... i think you watched adam sandler's movie "big daddy"... how he persuaded the girl to become his lawyer for the kid he is fighting for? ...learn from it... it might be a movie.. buts the lesson is real...

how many times.. have you live.. that something unexpected happens.. and draw you off the line you draw.. and you take it as it comes.. and you end up feeling very glad and happy you actually take it? if you think with clear minds.. disregard the negative thoughts... think positively... its all good.. how many times you heard your parents said they actually regreted having you.... coz you did something bad... and in the end of the day still love you as you are.. and they are actually glad you are there (well.. they wont tell you that.. but they love you still with all their hearts and they rather have you and you creating all the troubles rather than a life without you... arm... this doesnt give you the green light to create trouble for them :X ) they might be angry.. shouting and saying mean stuff... or even beat you up into a pulp... at the end of the day... they still laugh ... still come to you.. look at you.. advice you.. and care... so.. is that bad events? is that bad timing? i dunt think they plan the trouble the kids gonna do... i dunt think they plan the time to scold the kids.. maybe they want to go somewhere but because of the kids.. they cant.. bad timing? arm.. i wouldnt say so... if you look at it in a positive way.. in the end.. they spend more time with the kids.. their bonds get stronger.. the kids know its wrong... hopefully wouldnt repeat the mistake... and everything will be in place.. that is if everybody did it in the right way of coz :P a very very lausy example but right now not in the mentality to think properly.. so there..

and i think i whine too much.. its suppose to be for daphne to whine.. not me.. so i think i better stop right here. anyway.. think abt it carefully... what is wrong timing? is there such things as wrong timing... who decides its wrong timing.. and is it bad to be in wrong timing? then when would be the good timing? you rather it happen the other way? what kind of life would it be if it happens otherwise?

crap.. i preview it and its long.. very long.. but sorry.. cant shorten it :P

Thoughts said...

whoever that coward was who left that incoherent piece of verbal diarrhea without identifying himself, all I can and want to say is,

if you
1. cannot get the facts right
2. are not directly involved in the matter that you are commenting on
3. cannot express any ideas or opinions without being clear and making personal attacks i.e. if you need to resort to 'han sha she yin'

shut your trap up!

daphne said...

erm. is ok dear.. anyone can say whatever he/she wants... free speech.. although please take things in context. or when in doubt ask. Not very nice to assume things.. in fact, it is NOT nice at all to assume things, situations or circumstances. Ask and you will find. Oh, not to mention it is rude to assume as well.....

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