Wednesday, January 26, 2005

here n there

was in little india on monday. After a just-average north indian lunch, d, v and myself proceed to explore little india. Inclding meeting a not so happy salesgirl (who yes, i am glad v pulled me away frm the shop) and meeting a quite nice guy who was selling punjabi suits. Didnt quite get teh bangles and earings...but hey i got a punjabi suit (v got 2).. yay.

My family was amused with me..but mum was quite supportive with it. Grandma frown at the thought of me wearing that during CNY, so i decided against it. Dad suggested me getting qipao, nonya suit...etc etc as well. I replied i dont hv the figure for it.. so pt lah.maybe next time.

It is a luxury that most singaporeans wouldnt realised. The ability to explore another culture so openly. Probably something that alot of us took for granted. A kind seamtress explained to us the difference btw north and south cusine, and some rituals performed during Thiapusam. To learn abt the culture means not to be afraid to ask questions and be in a tourist mindset.

Visited Aunt Jasmine today. Her condo is quite nice. Gran got the both of us lost..but yay we managed to find our way through. Managed to persuade Aunt to take gran to the doctor in march.

It was a slow moving day. A good one though. Hving the chance to laugh and chat with gran as we took the bus, walked, got lost together...and simply laugh at all the old times. Her telling me that i used to open my eyes wide as an infant when my uncle drove , or perhaps just me crying out loud the whole night that she was at a wedding dinner when i was a toddler. It just shows how tight our relationship is with each other. It brought back memories, when grandma and i held hands all the way when we walked from the bus stop to aunt's place. Except this time, it feels more like i am holding her hand than she was holding mine. How roles reversed.

Aunt Jasmine commented on how close gran n i close that she feels she dont know her own mother as well as i know gran. I feel sad...perhaps is because as my grandmother, she doesnt hv as much responsibilities as when she was a mother. She managed to spend more time with me, but she was working hard to support the whole family when my aunt, uncle and mum were still young.

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Thoughts said...

yes Daf! me want qipao and sarong kebaya! let's go tailor one. n yes rem movie on tues n pics taking later at urs n mine place!

does B n R n P want to join us for movie on tues? we r watching "bad education".

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