Tuesday, February 01, 2005


anyone who know me during the 'huan zhu ge ge' phrase (when i was 16)..will know that i am addicted to the show. For those who hv no idea what that is, that is a taiwanese serial drama that caught the asia world by storm 5-6 years ago. In a nutshell, the show is about these 2 couples and their adventures in the Qin dynesty period.

Anyway, the 3rd part of the series is showing in Singapore. Now, since most of the main cast is gone..and replaced by other actors that isnt as good as the first 2 series, there shldnt be any more reason why i will be stuck on the show right? Wrong.

Yeah.. i am still happily 'addicted' to the storyline. So much so that i still tear when i watch some parts of it. Yes, this is the daphne who got really dreamy watching the show. And i thought i i left that part of me behind 4 years ago.

Ah..when i was 16..so many dreams..so many hopes. Those 16 year old dreams...do they still exist now?


Finally got a pair of shoes. You should see grandma's face... i hv no idea that buying a pair of shoes makes her happy. I think she got fed up of me saying "dont like"....

It is different this time..as i will be seeing my family again in april. Yet the thought of seperating from them again.. it is hard..

2 more years... here i come

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