Thursday, February 02, 2006

In Perth.

It is funny how you miss the place once you are about to leave it. I stood in Changi Airport thinking "here we go again", waving back to my parents and grandma as they walk away-presumbly rushing back to catch the show "Triumph in the skies".

I had a wonderful holiday. I managed to spend time with my grandma; shopping with mum; talking to dad; holding my new-born baby cousin; catching up with friends; reading; sleeping; watching cantonese serial shows; cross-stitching; eating and even a trip to Malaysia.

This trip felt different. A big part of it was because of a change in my relationship with my mother. She shared with me about her work and how she handled the younger nurses (who are my age apparently). We went shopping and ended up with the same stuffs again.

Like I said, I wouldnt trade in anything for my time in Singapore. It might be shorter than usual but definitely more meaningful.

Anyway, I thought I could follow a segment of Grace's blog and begin my time in Perth again with...

I know I'm in Perth when...

1) I have to drive.

2) I have a house to clean and pack. Everything is still everywhere. By the end of today, this house should be organised.

3) People are less likely to tailgate when you drive here.

4) Shops closed at 6pm.

5) I'm watching Kochie and Mel on Sunrise from 6am and the Today show before that during breakfast.

6) It is late to sleep at 11pm.

7) I can cook! I grilled pork cutlets using fresh herbs from the garden + cut chilli + olive oil as a marinate.

8) No more stairs to walk up to for exercises :( I stay on the ground floor now.

9) No more S$0.90 bubble tea.

10) The cab fare costs Aus$30 just for a 20 minutes ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11) I'm uncertain if this pertains to other airports, but why in the world did they schedule 4 flights to arrive together at 1am in the morning? In a SMALL international airport with limited staff assistance and customs officers? There seems to be some management problem here. Either the airport is filled with people or not.

12) When the custom officer said "Everything in this bag? Looks like you are a regular visitor. What? 6 years? That makes my life easier since you know what you can bring!"

I waited for 2+ hours but recieved less than 5 minutes of the customs officer's time for a BIG bag of food and herbs.

13) I have places to put MY stuff.

14) The sky is bright at 5:30 am.

Give me a plane ticket any day. I still want to be back in Singapore.


Ruthie said...

well, come back then!
it's not a matter of whether u have the air's a matter of whether u have the time!
ha ha!!

and yes, I totally know how u felt...
it's like "oh we go again..." it's those mixed feelings that u're excited over the new year, ur freedom, ur friends, blah blah blah...yet it's also the sadness of having to leave ur loved ones here
I never fail to cry
ha ha!!

Ruthie said...

oh yah...meant to send u this on Sat...

God be with u till we meet again!!


Now unto Him, who is able to keep
able to keep u from falling


Benji said...

here we go again..

it's always that time of the year when we go back to where we need to be and look forward to the next time we can meet again.

hopefully july in adelaide yah? *fingers crossed*

have a good one darling..

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