Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I'm blessed. I have my own phone line, a desk and even a computer. The student area in my placement center is quiet since i'm the only clin psych trainee around-OT will be coming in soon. I get to grab any dustbin + filing cabinet to my table. The stationary cupboard is near the student area.

Now, if only I have the chance to stay in the student area for a while. :p

So far so good, my supervisor was from Murdoch. I'm the 5th generation of Murdoch's trainees to be in this placement apparently. I saw the way she worked yesterday, it looked so smooth that I wonder if I can ever be that way.

Btw, I recorded my voice mail message. To my horror, I sounded like a SIA stewardness. NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo.................

Had a morning of orientation (that place is a maze!), an afternoon of meetings and my very first home visit. So far, my supervisor has introduced me to the friendly ppl. I presumed they are more friendly :p since they looked happy for me to join them for visits. Not all are psychs, which is the good part. I shall finally get to see the role of physios, OTs and speech therapists.

It is going to be a busy placement. I recieved my first case + dozen of visits scheduled + meetings + groups...etc.

So far so good. I hope.

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Benji said...

You can do it!!

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