Friday, February 17, 2006

tutoring + placement update

The new semester is about to begin (for those lucky undergrad students who complained that they have too much work to do).

It's confirmed, I'm a tutor this semester for Methods I or basic stats in psychology. Thank goodness Helen is the coordinator, everything looks so neat and in place. To think I did this unit 'just' a few years ago. I'm taking the friday slot- which i hope very few people will turn up.

Anyway, the placement is heading along fine. I attended so many meetings that I'm lost. I assisted the speech therapist, occupational therapist, my supervisor, another clin psych and even managed to collect some resources for myself. I kept saying I will leave at 5 pm but never once did that. I like it that way though, being one of the first to arrive and last to leave means the office is quiet (also, fridge space to put my lunch in + carpark space).

I'm scheduled to observe autism assessment, participate in home based intervention for autism, be co-facilator in a group parenting program, observe the occupational therapist in action, attend seminars, do assessments, meet my new clients and of course develop and collect more resources for myself.

The good thing about this placement is everyone is SO HELPFUL. They readily give information and resources to me. They stop by at the student area to make sure I'm comfortable and ask if i know how to get help if needed. They included me in all their coffee + lunch breaks-if i'm around and not in the hills somewhere. They remembered my name (while i cant remember all of theirs). They are so patient when i ask silly questions during meetings but didnt laugh (i'm amazed at that). The autism assessment team leader said she will hand me her schedule so i can just tell her when I want to sit in. She even invited me to other meetings (which i'm hestitating because this place is FULL of meetings and PD events). Other therapists will come by and tell me when I can sit in and they do so in a very happy way. Remember that they are not obligated to have me around because i'm a psych student, not theirs. I'm probably more of a hassle to them most of the time as well!

Being the spastic daphne that I'm, i'm most pleased with their stationary section. I have free access to envelopes, pens, paper clips, paper, photocopier, laminator, binding machine...etc It's great!


Ruthie said...

ha ha!
u're like me!
I keep saying I'll leave at 6pm, or 6.30pm latest...but the average time I'll leave work is 7pm, even when I was supposed to be on MC!
ha ha!!

Wakkoon said...

We're all (closet) workaholics, aren't we... :)

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