Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Emotional Baking/Steaming (literally?)

Been trying to make something new recently. I made these ages ago but did not post them. Been rather cranky over the past 1-2 months. I call it the pressure-cooker effect. I remembered a few friend telling me once that I should be stress more because I bake more when I'm stressed. Well, friends, I went to a baking/steaming frenzy over the past few weeks. The 2 pictures that I'm posting here are just the beginning.......

Kueh Talam. I used pandan essence which... honestly is NOT like the real thing at all. Pandan leaves are really expensive in Perth and it's frozen! Anyone know where to find the real plant in Perth???

Mini chocolate mud cakes. Arent they cute? I used the small muffin silicon tray that Ruth gave me for Christmas!

More posts coming up. AKA... Melbourne trip!


ting said...

hey dear, think i owe u the tag since Feb.. here's my 6 weirdest things:

1. i dont like to talk when i just got out of bed and preparing to work. usu i wake up just on time to prepare so there's hardly time to talk or digest wat ppl say.

2. i cant park for nuts, not even in HDB carpark.. sometimes i wonder how i ever pass my driving license.. i think i still prefer to be driven than drive.. but i would really like to own a small car ( i think i shld be able to park a small car??)

3. i hate getting wet on rainy days cos my clothes stick to my skin and i dislike that feeling.. eeewwwww....

4. my palms get itchy whenever im agitated or irritated.. i haf an eczema problem but even when it is under control, it'll still itch when im angry or frustrated

5. i like to slp with the blanket covered from head to toe. my mum used to say i will suffocate and refuse to let me slp that way.

6. if i like something, i can haf it for lunch or dinner everyday. there was a time i love chicken rice and i kept eating it ofr lunch over a few weeks

daphne said...

Thanks ting!! *hugs*

I dont think the parking thing is weird at all! I'm with u on that one! ;p

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