Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Melbourne 2007

AR, Grandma and I were in Melbourne for approximately 4 days. The main reason was to attend RR's graduation-although I didn't get to see RR in his grad gown at all! RR-PICTURES??!?!?!?!

Now, there weren't alot of pictures with me in it- mainly because I was the one taking photographs ;p Unfortunately, I looked really tired and haggard so please.... just pretend that the eye-bags aren't there.

This was Granny, Auntie and my favourite shopping place in Melbourne. The Queen Victoria Markets. I bought a winter coat there! Wished I had more time to browse through those stalls. Interesting stuff.

AHH!!!.. My favourite picture of granny!!! It shows the extent of globalisation. We were tired after walking along the streets of Melbourne. I said I wanted coffee and Grandma said "What about the coffee shop that has a green n white logo showing a person with long and messy hair?" Took me a few minutes before I realized she was talking about STARBUCKS! MY 71 year old GRANNY ASKING about STARBUCKS?!?!?!??!!? Anyway, a friend told me to try the White chocolate mocha there so I did. BIG MISTAKE. I didnt like it at all! For some reason, the coffee at Starbucks just doesnt sit well with me.

Strawberries picking! That was fun. Granny LOVED it. Despite her back and leg pains, she was so excited that she forgot all about it WHEN she was picking the strawberries! She complained after that.... but she thinks it's worth it. She ate so many of the strawberries too. ;p

Chocolates from KoKo Black.

Chocolate Affogato. Serious stuff. REAL dark hot chocolate pour onto a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The thing just slide down my throat. It's really rich.

HOT CHOCOLATE FROM MAX BRENNERS. Although the KoKo Black chocolate affogato has a rich and smoothness taste to it, this hot chocolate from Max Brenners really digged a spot. It would be nice to drink it from the "hug mug" but we were catching a flight back to Perth and the wait was more than 10 mins! Kind lady at the counter agreed to pack our hot chocolate drink away instead. =) The chocolates were sooo goooodddd tooooooo........ I really like the dark chocolate truffle!

We also visited Crown Casino, Chapel Street, Lygon Street (nice Italian food and gelato-thanks RR for your recommendations!), Richmond area and Chinatown. We get to meet RR's friends (AHEM*friend*) as well. It's great seeing RR in a suit-so smart looking. Congrats RR-u deserve every second of fame on stage. *cheers to the up and coming lawyer*.

I can't wait to visit Melbourne again!


ting said...

i cant wait to visit melbourne again too!! but then again, it costs so much just to fly there, so if i will ever go over there, i will visit a few states at one go.. but that will mean that i haf to earn and save more money.. i forsee that the trip will cost me a bomb

daphne said...

i know what u mean!! The thing is, domestic flights r pretty expensive too. We will never win I think.

Remember to drop by at Perth-esp now with the budget airline so I can physically hug u.

ting said...

but babe, i need to earn enough to fly myself to aus then i'll be able to physically hug and chat with u... that's going to be a long long time..........

daphne said...

i guess we have to make do with virtual hugs then. ;p Thank goodness for technology to keep in contact.

Armand said...

I just checked out the Tiger Airways website, and you can get a return ticket from Singapore to Perth for around S$500 including taxes.

Taxes are S$119.00 for Singapore to Perth, and S$161 for Perth to Singapore, which makes up $280 :(

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