Sunday, April 15, 2007

Granny's visit

Isn't it fast? Three months flew by just like that. Granny was here in Perth with me and now she is on the plane back to SG.

Doesn't she look adorable drinking cold grass jelly bubble tea?

Indian Festival- Granny enjoying a vadai.

Bibra Lake- Granny enjoying the view and the ducks!

At home- Granny trying out my puppet duck. It sings!

It's going to be a long stretch till I next see Granny. She has agreed to swing by for another visit next year though. Miss u popo... *muacks*


ting said...

i like the picture of ur gran with the puppet.. she looks so happy!! hey, dun think i haf seen pic of ur house.. post some?? or u can email me some?? =)

daphne said...

hehe..Me too. She looked so cute right? I can definitely email some pictures to you. On campus now. Will do so when I get home.

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