Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fried Kuey Tiao

Made this for dinner on one of those weeknights. Chan Brothers-an oriental grocery store was selling fresh kuey tiao so decided to get it. Naive as I am, I failed to realized that the kuey tiao was so compact that half a packet was enough to last us for at least 2 meals for the both of us!

I didn't buy any chinese sausages... used chicken for this dish with plenty of sambal chilli of course!

Fried Kuey Tiao (at least 4 servings!)
200grams of horfun noodles scalded with hotwater.
1 piece chicken breast, sliced and marinated with salt and pepper
100grams of bean sprouts
3 tablespoons of sweet soya sauce
3-4tablespoons of dark soya sauce
1 table spoon of oystersauce
Sambal- your liking.
stock or water

1) Heat wok. Add one tablespoon of oil.
2) Fry chicken under high heat.
3) Add noodles
4)KEEP STIRring- this exercises your biceps.
5) Add all the sauces + sambal
6) Add bean sprouts
7) add stock or water if it looks dry.
8) Add an egg in the middle. Wait for few mins for it to set. Break it up.
9) Serve HOT.

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