Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chunky Salsa

During my first week in Perth, mum n granny came with me to make sure everything went smoothly (e.g. not going to stave, know how to do my laundry and have a roof over my head). For everyday that week, mum ate an avocado. (*waves hi to mum*)

I distinctly remembered asking her what kind of fruit is it. I also remembered her turning around and say "try but I don't think you will like it." Till this day, I'm not sure why she said that. Perhaps it's the texture or the taste. Contrary to her statement, I found myself enjoying this fruit.

A medium avocado contains 1/2 the required amount of fat intake for an average person a day (Wikipedia, 2007). Fortunately, the fat is mono saturated, which is the good kind of fat.They are also rich in Vitamin B, E and K. I guess this provides me with another reason for having this healthy fruit!

I usually have my avocados in salads. I love the contrast it provides. Especially when paired with walnuts/pecans and spinach leaves. Other times, I have it in a chicken sandwich.

Occasionally, I make this chunky salsa for lunch or as a topping for tacos. If I'm cooking an elaborate dinner, I make this as a pre-dinner snack and serve it with crackers. It's cheap, simple and quick.

Chunky Salsa

1 medium ripe Hass avocado
1 roma tomato
freshly grind cracked pepper
squeeze of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of dukka

other variations
-add chopped zucchinis or cucumber
-Add corn kennels
- add handful of crushed nuts
-add chili powder for a spicy hit.

Chopped avocado and tomato up into tiny pieces. Pop them in a bowl. Squeeze lemon juice over them. Sprinkle with cracked pepper. Give them a good stir, top it up with dukka and serve with your favorite crackers.

Any other ways of using this humble fruit?


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I love avocado with a little bit of lemon juice and pepper. Simple and so good!

rita bellnad said...

In our tradition, we mix avocado with ice in blender, and serve with chocolate sweetened condensed milk...avocado juice! *_-

Precious Pea said...

I love Avocado tasty in salad and sandwich. I used to eat it like fruits...cut it open and filled up the hole with low fat mayo and digged in. My sister like to eat it with soya sauce. Weird? Haha!

SteamyKitchen said...

What a great way to use dukkah! I have some left over to use in salsa.

teckiee said...

hm.. what is duka?

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Yum! I make my own blend of dukka and sprinkle it on almost everything. :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Guacamole for me! Almost similar to your salsa, just that it's more mashed up.

daphne said...

Lyrical lemongrass- simple and classy I reckon. =) that sounds fantastic.

Rita- that's something new. Wow, I imagine this to be quite creamy?

Precious Pea- that's an good idea to make use of that hole in the middle! hehehe. Soya sauce?, but I guess avocado can be tasteless?

steamykitchen- *high 5*. It adds a "kick" to it!

Teckiee- Kinda like crushed nuts with spices crushed almonds, pistachios with sesame, cumin, chilli (for some)..etc Really good! You have to try!!!

East meets west kitchen- you are a hardworking mum! hehhee...

littler corner- yum! I see corn chips.. hehehe

Wandering Chopsticks said...

You can make a VNese avocado milkshake with avocado, ice, condensed milk (or sugar and soy milk).

Ashley said...

Looks so delightful! I always love a new salsa recipe!
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James said...

What a great way to use dukkah! I have some left over to use in salsa

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