Thursday, October 04, 2007

Millpoint Road Book Caffe

This is where I go to when I'm in need for some chill time. The bookcafe is cosy with plenty of good books around. The cafe is tiny but serves very decent tucker.

Their alfresco area is just a nice place to sit, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. It's sheltered as well, so no fear of the unexpected rain that sometimes comes pouring during Spring. While waiting for your food, you are invited to help yourself to the pile of newspapers near the cashier. We are not allowed to take any books to the alfresco area but you can read in the cafe itself (which is usually packed with book fans!).

My cappuccino. Good strength.

The latte was good too.

Steak sandwich- this was yummy! Swiss cheese and homemade tomato sauce. We both agreed that it was the tomato sauce that makes a difference.

My mushroom and feta quiche. Good stuff. The crust was beautiful and the quiche itself-smooth. I like the salad-they served it with a balsamic vineger and a hint of olive oil.

This was the low point. The Portuguese egg tart was HORRIBLE. I should have known. I mean, how can such a wrinkly little thing be called Portuguese egg tart? It was atrocious. I was so excited when I saw "Portuguese egg tart" that I ordered it immediately without filtering through my brain first. If you come across this tart, don't ever order it. The custard was hard and the pastry was thick and chewy. Ew.

I might give other desserts a go next time... no more egg tarts.

I think we spent approximately $27-$30 after 25% discount from the Entertainment book. It's abit on the pricey side but the food there is generally quite good. Just not the tart.

Millpoint Caffé Bookshop

254 Millpoint Road
South Perth WA 6151
08 9367 4567


myCoffee said...

The coffees and the steak sandwich look so good! I missed Australian coffee so much.....!

Kelly Mahoney said...

Those drinks look fabulous. Too bad the egg tarte wasn't any good, it looks pretty.

Armand said...

The pictures look lovely :)
The cafe culture here is just fabulous when you know where to go :)

rita bellnad said...

What nice shots ! the cappuccino flavor is in the air...hhhmmm...

tigerfish said...

Hmmm...the egg tart does look wrinkly mushy on top! I would have frowned in a similar fashion - imagine my face wrinkled up when I see this. At least the coffees save the day. I like such cafe where I can order coffee and little snacks while I browse some good magazines.

daphne said...

mycoffee- oh yeah! I know. I'm so addicted to coffee here too.

kelly- The drinks were good. Just the right amount of coffee/milk/foam! Love it.

Armand- definitely!!

rita- thanks! hehe.. cappuccino flavour is always in the air! ;p

tigerfish- ya! I was so disappointed! Like you, I really like this type of cafes too. Cosy and friendly.

Florence said...

I used to live in HIGHTOR along Millpoint Road 25 years ago, guess the Caffe was non-existent then.

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