Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A different twist to classic sausage rolls and potato salad

It was 39C yesterday. Hot Hot Hot! It's not even summer yet! Since the weather in Perth can be unpredictable (such as a change of 10 degrees from 1 day to next), I'm hoping we will see less of the hot dry spells and more cooler weather (dream on daphne!).

For readers who are interested to see what I came up with under this hot weather, scroll down! For those who are interested to know what has been going on recently, keep reading... =)

Had abit of a melt down (pun not intended) over the weekend with thesis work. I just reached a low point. A really low point. Logically, I know it's just a hump. I know it will get done. Emotionally, when you sit in front of the computer day in day out with a pile of stats and after 8 weeks is still stuck with the same thing, it's hard not to be depressed. So logic and emotions doesn't always go hand in hand together.

The thing is, I understand that it is a process. The process of not understanding, pulling hair out, head banging, lots of crying and silently screaming at the producers of SPSS. I also know that no-one doing a thesis has an easy way out or have not gone through a similar process. It's a torture thing, the test of perseverance. To see if we deserve it. Like a test. Logically, I understand that having a extension of 2-3 months is nothing compared to many others. Having to swallow my pride and requesting for one is horrible, however. It's part of a grieving process. The reality that I'm not able to finish it on time. Having to assure myself that this is different from undergraduate and it is ok to have more time to finish this properly.

But anyway, I got things sorted out. At least I think it is finally sorted out for one study. After much tears and banging on the computer keyboard, God has answered my prayers. Things are starting to make some sense. Poor supervisor, he must be tearing his hair out with a student like me. I'm grateful that he hasn't lost faith in me yet and continued to encourage, reminding me what the final outcome will be like. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. More prayers.

Moving on to more positive stuff...

The wedding. My friends know that I'm not the sort of girl who dream about her wedding as a child. All I know that I would like to get married in a church. It's good in a way because the wedding is then jointly planned by us, instead of traditionally by the bride mostly. It's challenging in another way because we are learning a whole new language! Anyhow, we have tentatively decided on April 2009. Now, we are just waiting for "approval" from our elders.

Mum is also now on board with fantastic ideas! =) thanks mum!!

My bridesmaids are helping me with the SG side. From reception research to bridal packages to photography. Most of all, it's fun conversing with them! Really, they are great in knowing what sort of things we want, the right questions, gently reminding me when I'm missing out a few details yet allowing us to make all the decisions. Group effort! We agree that the day itself should be relaxing and full of laughter and fun.

On Mr AR's side, reception details are being sourced about in KL. ANY suggestions on reception venues in Subang area is much appreciated!!

Engagement party has also been planned for 22nd Dec.

Suddenly, we realised that 2009 is not too far away. So much to do in such little time! Feel free to provide any tips or suggestions for us.

Moving on to even MORE positive stuff.

Sausages are so versatile. You can have it in hotdog, plain or have it in small pieces in pasta dishes. Remember my love for corn bread in A different kind of quiche? After grilling these honey chicken sausages, I wrapped them with the corn bread and further grilled it for a few minutes. It's a different sort of sausage roll I guess. The skin was slightly crispy and the sausages were juicy.

My latest discovery is this brand of Spicy Mango Chutney. It's really really good. You can see and taste chunks of mangoes! What a great dip for the sausage rolls.

As the warmer weather approaches, I'm sure more salads will be on our menu. One classic dish that I love making is a potato salad.

Eggy Potato Salad
2-3 potatoes in chopped pieces (I used royal blue)
1-2 3/4 boiled egg
1 tablespoon of redwine grainy mustard
1 tablespoon of tartar sauce (YES! not mayo! hehe)
generous sprinkle of fresh cracked pepper and sea salt

Boil potatoes till just done. Drain. Combine redwine mustard and tartar sauce, adjusting the amount to your liking. Add sauce to potatoes and toss gently. Using your hands, cut the eggs and add to the potato salad straight away. Season.


InspiredMumof2 said...

Wow, you're gonna be very busy with your work and wedding. Don't forget to take a break.

The sausage rolls and potato salad look delicious too. Yum, I will try your recipe.

evan said...

looks very yummy! i love the wrap =)

abt the straits times thingy, it was no biggie deal really! it wasnt exactly accurate to begin with. the article made me sound like im really addicted to macarons and must hv my fix once every fortnight but when in fact what i told them was that i merely bought them two weeks ago to try. and i dont think i'll ever buy again. plus im not that crazy over them. imagine, im selling them so how can one be enthusiastic over what they're selling? LOL so yea, i think it didnt reflect the truth. also, did they hv to write housewife? im selling my bakes FULL TIME and they refused to write that!! gggrrr!

celine said...

SPSS? Do you mean the statistical software?

singairishgirl said...

Hi Daphne... just to let you know I empathise with you. Hope your thesis is sorted out. But on the other hand, there's the wedding to be looking forward to... all the planning... and great that AR will play a part too, and not let it all rest on your shoulders. Hang in there girl. I know you are strong.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Ditto what singairishgirl said. :)
Don't forget to laugh!

Peony said...

I just surf here n read this,
congrats and hope you have things going well soon.

yes, 2009 is not too far away, soon you'll be Mrs so n so...

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