Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pulut Hitam

I'm sick.

I admit that I'm not the best patient when I'm ill. I need my cold compresses, my porridge, hot drinks and lots of TLC. Worse, I haven't fallen this ill since 2005-which makes it nearly 4 years ago. Now that was horrible, I couldn't stomach anything and was on a "carrot cake diet"- meaning I could only take a few bites of a slice of carrot cake from Miss Maud's.

This time round was no better, I have no appetite-which is rare for for me. It would be nice if I could have some soft bread buns from Breaktalk and grandma's love brand porridge. Darn, I sound miserable!

So I'm comforting myself with this post-it's the closest I have to an Asian dessert in my folder. It's a dessert that mum and AR loves.

Speaking of mum, she graduated last Friday! I'm so proud of her! Working full time and studying part-time to obtain her degree was hard and she did it!

Pulut Hitam (serves 10)
1 cup of white glutinous rice
2 cups of black glutinous rice
2-3 pandan leaves tie in a knot
gula melaka or brown sugar
dried logans

coconut cream
gula melaka

1) Soak rice over night. Place around 4-5 bowls of water in a big pot. Boil it. Add grated gula melaka or brown sugar. Stir till the sugar melts. Add rice and cook till soft. Continue stirring and adding water if needed. This may take 3-4 hrs.

2) Meanwhile, gently heat up the coconut cream in another saucepan. Add the gula melaka. Stir till it melts. Cool.

3) Serve the rice with the coconut milk.

See little corner for her version and Under the Tamarind tree for another version of this popular dessert in Cambodian style!


noobcook said...

me too, I seldom lose my appetite when I'm ill hehe... yum, your Pulat Hitam looks really delicious. hope you get well soon, cheer up! ^^

Little Inbox said...

Add some dried longan, and it'll make the taste more perfection.

daphne said...

Noobcook- thank you! I will =)

little inbox-thanks for reminding me!! I did add them but did not include them in the recipe. U r right! It is sweeter with the dried logans.

ICook4Fun said...

I've been seeing this dessert in a few blogs and now yours. You make me crave for it even more. I have to go and get some black glutinious rice and cook some for myself :)

CECIL said...

Now I am craving pulut hitam too!! With coconut cream, yum! Hope you feel better!

paw paw said...

Hope U are up & well by now.
This is my fav. dessert,LOVE it with lots of thick & yummy coconut cream.

SIG said...

Oh dearie... I hope you get well soon. Congrats to mum. That's so wonderful!

Lianne said...

looks good daphne. am in the midst of preparing a list for my sis to ship over here! and today, I have glutinous rice and gula melaka added!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh yummy! My elder daughter actually asked me to make it again! My two daughters really love this dessert.

Christy said...

Congrats to your MUM!!~
I hope you get well soon too:)

babe_kl said...

i hope you're better by now daphne.

i hv a double boiled recipe for pulut hitam, will try it and see if it's nice.

tigerfish said...

Oh it's no good to fall sick. I was sick last week and recovering from it now. Doc gave me antibiotics which manage to suppress my "flu" cycle.

You take care and rest well. Take more porridge and drink the porridge"water" - it's good for you.:)

Congrats to your mum too!

Piggy said...

oh, take care dear. remember to drink lotsa water... hope that you're getting better soon.

Salt N Turmeric said...

oh tht looks so good. I want some too! i love pulut hitam. I prefer this to pulut kacang hijau.

daphne said...

icook4fun-it's a very filling dessert and healthy too-if we dont put heaps of coconut cream. hehe.

cecil-thanks dear!

pawpaw-ups n abts now.. but still coughing like there is no tomorrow. darn! thanks though for the well wishes!!

sig-yeah! I'm so happy for her! and that means i no longer need to edit her assignments! hehehe.

lianne-any restrictions on customs?

little corner-i love this too! your girls hv great taste buds. hehe

christy-thank you!

piggy-I will! =) thank you!

salt n turmeric-do u? i like both but I love the texture of this.

doggybloggy said...


Sharon said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. This would certainly make me feel better :)

Jude said...

Love this stuff. Hope you get well soon!

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