Friday, July 01, 2011

Three Egg Fried Rice

I was sooo inspired by Mochachocolata-Rita's recent blog post. Her man and her cooked up a storm with this 3 egg fried rice. We still have our expensive century egg (AU$2 for each one!) and of course, free range chicken eggs in the fridge. So off I went to grab some salted duck eggs... and my eyes nearly popped out... $6 for 6 salted duck eggs. Oh why must they be so expensive. When I was growing up, I recall that I could have 1/2 a salted duck egg and plain porridge for lunch. Now, in Australia, salted eggs are a luxury food item? crazy!

Did I just use the "when I was growing up, la da de da" phrase? ARGH!

My version is slightly different from Rita's. I used whatever veges I have on hand, and added heaps of white pepper and some soy in it.

What I love about this dish? You would never know what egg you are biting into.. could it be the salty egg yolk? or the silky century egg? Always a surprise.

Three Egg Fried Rice (Serves 4)
1 salted egg cooked and diced
1 century egg diced
2 eggs
2 cups of cooked and cook rice (preferably cooked the night before)
2 cup of snow peas
2 capsicum diced
2 tablespoon of soya sauce
1 tsp of dark soya sauce
1/4 cup of hua tiao jiu or chinese wine (or sherry)
dashes and dash of white pepper
100 grams of pork mince (marinate with some hua tio jiu, sesame oil and soya sauce)

Heat some oil in a pan. Cook the pork mince through. Add rice and cook till HOT and nearly popping. Toss all the eggs through them and then the veges. Serve with some fried shallots.



Little Corner of Mine said...

Yum, I like! I'm starting to miss the century egg.

DD said...

wow this dish looks fantastic!!!

tigerfish said...

Maybe salted eggs are less demanded, thus less supply, so more expensive? I don't know.

A humble Taiping kaki said...

I like it black with a bit of over cooked smell.

lena said...

daphne, if I convert to ringgit, it's even worse..3X more. If compare a dollar to a dollar, it's still slightly cheaper here. Three eggs fried rice sounds really not bad, never tried with century egg before..!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

I have never had salted duck egg! How interesting. I am so curious on the difference! This dish looks incredible!

Joanne said...

I can't even begin to imagine how expensive century eggs and salted duck eggs would be here! The finished dish looks quite delicious though!

daphne said...

Ching-ya! it's so easy to miss it.. LOL

thanks DD!

tigerfish- perhaps! or import is more expensive due to the way it is being made. need to be tested perhaps?

A humble taiping kaki- sounds good!

lena- ya!!! sigh...

Jessica- you got to! the yolk is amazing!

Joanne- thanks dear!

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