Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Froyo- Frozen Greek Yogurt with Almond Butter

While I'm blogging less, it doesn't mean I am cooking or creating less. For the past week or so, I wondered... what am I trying to do on my blog? Is it about food? Asher? Me living a healthier lifestyle?  It's really all of the above. I think it is important to eat well and more importantly enjoy good food. Good food does not have to be boring or bland. However, I think a balance of having treats here and there is also realistic not to mention important. Variety and moderation is the key here. Then, I have Asher whom I dearly love and enjoy seeing him grow.

So I think from now on, it's going to be a mixture. This is going to be what my life is about now. I started writing when I was a 4th year undergraduate completing my honours. Then most of you followed my journey in completing my doctorate, being engaged, married and now a family of my own. It makes sense then, that I continue to write about my evolving life and how I continue to grow as a person. ;) Thank you for being so patient with me as I juggle between writing posts, being healthy and loving my family.

As the warmer weather sets in, I'm starting to make use of my ice-cream machine again. This time round, I'm making froyo- which is basically frozen yogurt. Nothing beats having a nice cool ice-cream on a hot day but as I am determine to reach my fitness goals, I wanted to create something healthier and lighter at home.

We can probably just mix the yogurt up with any toppings and freeze it. Using the ice-cream machine though, it just provides a soft serve or a more "ice cream" texture. Not to mention, it is quite alot of fun watching the machine churn and come up with a yummy treat. I made two versions of it, with this being the first one. A simple greek yogurt with almond butter treat. My favourite way to eat it is to top it with blueberries and a sprinkle of lindt dark chocolate. Or in a mug of ice cold coffee.

Froyo- Frozen Greek Yogurt with Almond Butter (Serves 4)
250 ml of greek yogurt
1 tsp of honey
1/4 cup of almond butter

Mix everything up in a bowl. Pour into ice cream machine and churn for 20 minutes. Remove and freeze for 30 minutes. Open up the box and eat without guilt.

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Little Corner of Mine said...

Delicious!! Definitely can eat this without guilt.

Joanne said...

I definitely love hearing about the bits and pieces of your life, so keep em coming!! And MMMMM frozen yogurt. Love it!

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

I love this simple dessert! You can whip up in a few minutes and just wait. :) We save a lot of money (especially now kids are bigger...) by not going to froyo place. :)

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