Thursday, December 13, 2007

Meads Oyster Bar Mosman Bay

This post was stash and hidden somewhere deep in blogger. Not that it is a secret but I was so busy posting more exciting stuff that I totally forgot about this review that I saved. Plus I was looking for the perfect Christmas cookie to bake!

About two months ago, we headed to Meads Oyster Bar Mosman Bay for my birthday. Set near the richest suburbs, this restaurant serves posh nosh. We were there on a Tuesday which also happened to be 1/2 price oysters day. Given that it was a weekday, it was quieter which suited us fine. I remembered feeling so overwhelmed since being engaged 2 days before my birthday and the dinner was a chance to chat and re group ourselves. We did have plenty of time to talk as service was extremely slow. We were there at 6:30pm and only left at around 9:30pm! If it was any other situation, I would have been quite restless but for that occasion, we were so engrossed in our conversation (and plans) that we let it slip.

I can't quite remember what cocktail is this but I'm pretty sure it has tequila, pineapple and cranberries in it. It was refreshing and added a kick to the evening.

First course- Freshly shucked oysters. They served this with 3 kinds of tabasco (hot, green pepper and lemon). We lorvveeeee this. Haven't had oysters for a looong time and this really hit a spot.

AR's main course- Sirlion beef with garlic prawns, mash and mint. The beef was tender and filling. It was grilled medium-just the way we liked it. At any other restaurant, we would have said this was a good steak and worth having. I guess we were expecting something fabulous from this restaurant. Besides, why would we pay AU$38 for a "good steak" when we can get it at around AU$25-$30 at other places?

My main course- Dukkah crusted snapper with potato hash, corn relish, brocallini and marinated tomato strips. I have to admit that it was the words "Dukkah crusted" that sold me on this dish. Again, it was good but not fantastic. The snapper was fresh, the flavors were a little messy to me (given the potato hash + corn relish combi) but it's a good dish. So it didn't "wow" me but a decent meal. The portion size was slightly small for both the steak and fish (and that's coming from me!) as well. Speaking of which AR ate his steak AND 1/4 of my fish!

And as I headed to the ladies, the sneaking AR managed to ask the waitress to do some writing on the dessert plate for me. At that point, I was surprised and happy.. However after that, AR said he had sooo much difficulty getting the attention of the waitress and they weren't too accommodating to his request as well. He had to repeat it a few times before she finally said "I will see what the chef can do". Flexibility is NOT this restaurant forte. AR told me that while reserving our table, he wanted to do a special set menu for us-so that food will be served when we arrived. However, they refused to accommodate the request citing the excuse that they wouldn't know what the chef will have on his menu that day. Couldn't the chef have the menu set on the day we are coming and inform AR about it in the morning/afternoon? Anyhow...AR said whatever he suggested, Meads wasn't too receptive. Too bad for them, because much as we like the venue, we immediately strike it out as a wedding reception venue.

This thick chocolate fondue was ultimate hit among the 2 of us. The only thing was the chocolate was slightly oozing out before we started digging it. Again, this dessert can be found in many other restaurants so it wasn't unique or anything. They didn't have a good selection of desserts as well. On hindsight, we should have just left.
Till today, I have not revealed how AR looks like. That's our first photo taken after being engaged. Well, not quite first, but the first photo had me looking like a mess since I was crying so much so this will do ;p AR complained that that was not his best photo but you didn't mind did u? *lopsided smile*
Small selection of gifts. The flowers were NOT from AR. From B! Thanks B! B always complains that each time he sent me flowers, he has no idea how they looked here you go!

Meads Mosman Bay
15 Johnson Pde
Mosman Park
Opening hours:
Mon-Friday 8.30am-late
Reservations: 08 9383 3388
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Sat-Sun 8:30am-late


SIG said...

What a lucky girl. AR is always so thoughtful. Ask my hubby do that? Not in a million years. Not a streak of romanticism in him. A pity for the restaurant though that you can't have it there. Am sure you will find somewhere that provides better service.

Big Boys Oven said...

so sweet and yet so romantic..... who will not cry? congrats!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

you guys look so sweet together! and the things he does? man he puts me into shame..looks like its time for me to buck up!

tigerfish said...

Sweet happy couple! I'm trying to remember the last time my hub treated me to a good dinner...hahahha!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

He seems to be the kinda guy who will look out for your best interest. You guys look like a really sweet couple!

ai wei said...

sweet sweet sweet and lovely.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh how sweet is that! BTW, AR looks very much like a Chinese, I couldn't spot an Indian side in him anywhere. You two made a lovely couple! :)

daphne said...

Singairishgirl- haha.. I wonder if this will continue when we get married?

Big boys oven- this one birthday celebration, the engagement is when I cried buckets! ;p

Joe- thank you buddy! he does make an effort.. i can't ask for more can i? hehe

tigerfish-leave this page open on your computer and deliberately let your hubby see it!! ;p but a part of me also wonders if it will continue after marriage?

lyrical lemongrass- u got that right! Now u made him beamed! oh dear.. ego ego ego!

ai wei-thank you! =)

LIttle corner of mine- his nose is a giveaway! hehe. But yes, he look very chinese even his eating habits/culture are more chinese than Indian (Although i cant take the love of roti canai, dhall and all those indian food away from him!).

teckiee said...

ahhh AR is so sweet! now.. i just got to look for my man.. LOL

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Awww, you guys look so cute together. You match! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments all. Meads was not the best restaurant, but nevertheless we did have a fantastic time. Daphne is the sweetest girl I know (not to mention her cooking & baking skills!), and you all have my word that I will continue to treat her very well after our marriage :)


Precious Pea said...

Awwww...AR is so so SWEET!!!!

Lady Gargle said...

You and AR makes the perfect couple! :)

And the oysters look delicious yummieeee. ;)

InspiredMumof2 said...

Finally we see the bride and bridegroom! The food looks absolutely good I am sure, but a pity the service not up to par. My hubby is 50% romantic during our dating days. now he is 5% romantic...haha

~Christine~Leng said...

what a sweet couple!! ;)
I love sweet love stories!!

Bar Advice said...

That cocktail looks like the Singapore Sling.


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