Monday, July 21, 2008

Adventures of the Thosai and Chicken Curry

(the 8th attempt)





I tested out my flipping skills recently by indulging in the art of thosai making. Rather than grinding the thosai mixture myself, I decided to take a stepwise approach and use a packet of thosai mix.

Flipping thosai is like flipping pancakes right? Easy peasy stuff. but nooo.. flipping thosai isn't as easy as it seems (for me anyway).

(see the broken pieces)

After the 8th attempt, my thosai finally resembles one. Almost anyway.

Now, I have a greater admiration to thosai makers and their flat, round pans!

(6th attempt, looking slightly decent)

What's that in the pink bowl? Surely I haven't gone out of my mind and serve ice-cream with thosai? Rest assured I didn't. It was easy chicken curry that I have there. Ar and I are blessed with helpful and great parents/grandma and our fridge has like a year supply of curry pastes. This one was made by AR's mum.

I would have made some dhal but I was craving for some spicy hot stuff hence the chicken curry.

Easy Chicken Curry
(serves 4)
4-6 generous tablespoons of AR's mum curry paste (obviously it will be your choice of curry paste =) )
1/2 of lite coconut milk
1 cabbage sliced
500 grams of chicken cutlet/breasts diced
1 onion.

1) Saute curry paste till fragrant. Add onions.

2) Cook chicken till through. Add cabbage. Stir and cook for 5 minutes.

3) Add coconut milk. Taste. Season if required.

4) Serve with broken up thosai.


Unknown said...

serving it with ice cream sounds like a brilliant idea too hehe

SIG said...

Oh wow, an attempt at thosai. That's a brave attempt! I love that pink bowl. I saw something similar at Su-yin's blog - The journal of the girl who loves to bake.

Babe_KL said...

save the flipping! as far as i know, the thosai maker here dun flip over the thosai to cook the other side :p so dun bother... hehe

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

So farny ler you. I like the last step in the recipe!

You don't need to flip the thosai. Just make sure the pan is properly oiled, cook thosai on one side, then fold and lift it off the pan. (Comes from years of experience in cooking thosai with mum)

Kenny Mah said...

"4) Serve with broken up thosai."

Love how you don't waste your attempts before you achieved success! Unfortunately when I fail at cooking, my experiments can't be paired with anything, nothing edible anyway. :P

Noob Cook said...

looks like 8 is indeed an auspicious number! :D The final product looks good, and how nice it is to have a year-round supply of home-cooked curry paste!

tigerfish said...

8th attempt!? I would have just stopped at my 3rd..or maybe I would never thought of trying. Yes, I'm not patient when it comes to that. That also means I don't have the makings of a researcher but YOU DO!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh so we don't have to flip the thosai, I didn't know also. :P Well, as long as it tasted great dipping in that curry of yours right?

wmw said...

Inspired by your recent trip? Heheh...

Retno Prihadana said...

Can I have a broken piece ? I haven´t had thosai.

paw paw said...

Cool! U attempted yr own flipping.
Never .. ever had it crossed my mind to do so !
..the color of the thosai looks even & I imagine dipping it spicy curry is shiok eh!

Jude said...

Never thought "easy" and "curry" could go together. Looks great for a quick curry fix.

Little Inbox said...

Haha, I wanna try AR's mum curry paste also, hehe...:P

Unknown said...

curry certainly looks easy to cook the way you do it : )


daphne said...

mocha-i like it that u r so adventurous!

sig- i think hers is a mixing bowl.. mine is a smaller one.. i err..borrowed it frm my fondue set. haha.

babe, lyrical lemongrass- SO THAT"S THE SECRET! ARGHHHHHHHH. thanks for letting me know!

Kenny- can't waste!

tigerfish- hehe. i hv to finish the batter.

noobcook-yeah! we are really's running a little low maybe not 1 yr afterall! LOL

little corner- hehe. as long as it tastes similar.. i'm in.

wmw-U got it! Great observation babe!

retno-hehe..i hope the next time u try it, they are not broken!

pawpaw-it's hard to find thosai hv to find a way to eat them!

jude- i think mine is a super shortcut version.

little inbox- that's really good..really really good!

brad/ladyironchef-hehe, probably not as authentic as it is suppose to be..

Precious Pea said...

Spread it REAL thin and sprinkle some sugar over it. Yummy Paper Thosai!!!

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