Friday, August 01, 2008

Jaden Kitchen Cookbook Testing

A few months ago before I went off for my holiday, Jaden asked for some volunteers to test out recipes for her up and coming cookbook. I jumped on it straight away! An opportunity to try Jaden Hair's recipes is a privilege.

Obviously it will not be right for me to post the recipes here as it will be disrespectful towards Jaden. But here is a sneak peak of some recipes and my experiences:

Test 1

Walnut Lemon Butter Pound Cake

The baker in me could not resist trying out a baking recipe! This light and buttery pound cake resembles what you will find in a typical Chinese bakery. Hmm..I think this cake was more commonly found 10 years ago then now though. Still, the recipe yielded fluffy cakes. I think I undercooked it a little as it was still abit moist.

Test 2
Rice Paper Wrapped Fish Cakes with Thai Dipping Sauce

Great finger food! The crispiness from the Viet paper wrappers was a big hit. The sauce accompanied the fish very well.

Test 3
Crab and Fuji Apple Salad with Vietnamese Dressing

MY favorite so far! So summery and easy to assemble!!!! I brought it to a church picnic and they were a hit. Seriously good stuff. Who would have thought that crab and apple goes so well?

Test 4

Chicken Pad Thai

This was suppose to be shrimp pad thai but I substituted it with chicken. I did make it the 2nd time with shrimps. The first time I attempted this dish, I ran out of fish sauce! So the outcome was that the noodles were abit dry (as seen in the photo). But the 2nd time I tried it, the sauce was terrific! I might reduce the sugar amount the 3rd time round, however.
I do ike the tips given for this recipe. For instance, the preparation of the noodles and tamarind juice.


It's good fun testing out these recipes and resisting the urge to alter recipes the way I would usually do. I do have a greater appreciation and awareness of how difficult it is to put together a cookbook-especially when it has to cater to the masses with different tastebuds/habits/ingredients around the world.


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Everything looks delicious. Am particularly interested in that crab and apple salad. Looks like I'll be getting that cookbook. Jaden's a great cook la, but more importantly, I'd like to see how she words the recipes. Will be a hoot. :-)

Unknown said...

i am sooo lusting after the Rice Paper Wrapped Fish Cakes with Thai Dipping know me lah...i am a savoury-fried-things addict lol

ganache-ganache said...

We love pad thai, topped with coriander & chopped toasted peanuts, with lime juice squeezed onto it, yummy........

SteamyKitchen said...

thank you for testing daphne!!!

Little Corner of Mine said...

I like the rice paper wrapped fish cakes, it's a great idea!

SIG said...

Ooo wow, I love those fishcakes and the salad too. And yummy phad thai. Oh! You have been cooking a storm! :)

Kenny Mah said...

Me want me some of that Rice Paper Wrapped Fish Cakes with Thai Dipping Sauce! (Gosh, what a mouthful and I didn't even get a bite of the real thing! Hahaha.)

What a lovely time you must be having, trying out all them recipes! I can just imagine a casual Saturday afternoon spent just on this... and the lovely smells emanating afterwards... :D

Dee said...

What a great opportunity! No 3 sounds amazing. So when's the cookbook out, do you know?

PatriCa BB said...

Hi pretty girl,

I am glad that you can cook so well. Try out my chinese dishes, too!

PatriCa BB said...

Can I share with you my Char Siew recipe? It's simple to make at home!

Piggy said...

wow, so many yummy dishes, esp. the crab and apple salad! How many days did you take to complete all of these?

Little Inbox said...

The Fuji apple salad caught my attention!

Big Boys Oven said...

Gosh Jaden will kill me . . . as I have yet to test her recipes! :)

daphne said...

lyrical- it's really easy and healthy too.

mocha- oh yeah! that one is for u. =)

ganche- I didn't realize it is so easy to make at home.

steamy kitchen- my pleasure. =)

little corner- yeah! they r great finger food.

sig- hehe. It took me a few weeks to compile it. I didnt make this in one day.

kenny-oh yeah! It was great fun testing each recipe. And the fiance enjoyed tasting them.

dee- I'm not sure. I think it's summer onwards?


piggy- I separated it out in a few all in, probably 2 weeks?

little inbox-hehe. I love the colours on that one too.

big boys- ooo.. u r missing out! =)

test it comm said...

Those are some nice looking dishes!

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