Friday, November 28, 2008

Presto Pasta Night #91

What an exciting week. PPN 91 was such great fun to host. I truly enjoyed jumping into different food blogs and was amazed (once again) with the wide variety of recipes that we can do with pasta or noodles.

So prepare a cup of tea/coffee, sit back and enjoy the fantastic range of dishes (20 in total!) on PPN 91!

Jin Hooi from Taste Smell and my Memory was inspired by Morimoto to create this fusion Daikon Fettuccine with Tomato Basil Sauce. Although she was unsure about the texture of daikon in her pasta dish, it was great that she took the plunge and gave it a go!

oooo.. With Christmas around the corner, Turkey, sausage, spinach, and nutmeg is a pasta dish that got my attention straight away! Kitchenetta from Got No Milk did such a great job utilizing turkey ground meat and Italian sausage to create an amazing dish!

I enjoyed reading the creations of this blogger because she is so creative in her home kitchen! Little Inbox from Makan King and Queen submitted THREE entries for this week's PPN! WOAH! That's wonderful!! Her first dish is Stir fry Angel Hair with Black Pepper that is full of flavour.

Her second dish featured a bargain that she picked up in the markets! RM$2.50 for 12 prawns-wow! That's less than AU$1.25! Love how the sauce on the Prawn Noodles looked so rich.

Meaty Fragrance Noodles
was the third dish-and I bet AR would love this one. It's saucy and meaty!

Hannah from The Lay Gastronomer served up an amazingly healthy and interesting dish recently. Her salmon head with buckwheat noodles looks simple, healthy and summery to do. Pop over to her blog to have a closer look!

I have a weakness for Thai food. To my pleasant surprise, Kelvin from Closet Cooking did an amazing version of pad thai, following the recipe from Chez Sim. Look at those juicy fat prawns! On a side note, Kelvin is one of my favorite food bloggers-I head to his blog when I need extra inspiration for meal ideas!

Check out Sharon's Greek Spiced Baked Shrimp with Lemony Orzo. Doesn't it looked refreshing? I have still learning about orzo so it's lovely to see more recipes utilizing this type of pasta. This certainly got my attention! There seems to be a theme with shrimps this week-not that I'm complaining because they looked and taste pretty! Check out Sharon's blog Culinary Adventures of a New Wife-her write up is fantastic.

Are you hungry yet? Next we have first time PPN Mikky from My finds! Her Tomato Herb and Sausages Pasta was cooked by her husband and child! What a great way to bond by cooking!

Rita from Mochachocolata-Rita did an amazing job with black pepper, beef and fusili. Her sous chef is on an low iodine diet so she has been pulling recipes out from everywhere! This delicious Black Pepper Beef and Mushroom Fusili caught my attention straight away as it looks so appetizing. This shows that tender loving care extends to food as well.

CY from Eat First Diet Later is another fellow Perth Blogger!!! WooHOO! Her baked sausage pasta was inspired by the up coming Christmas! I think this will be a winner with everyone. I'm looking forward to trying this out.

Ben from What's cooking did an awesome job with Pumpkin Lasagna. I love the way how he used puree pumpkin. If you are looking for a vegetarian idea why not try this? It certainly looks nutritious!!!

Happy Belated Birthday to Gay's sister from Scientist in the Kitchen!! It is tradition from Northern Mindanao to serve Bam-i on birthdays. Judging from that photo, Gay's sister is so lucky to have those delicious noodles served on her birthday!

Creamy pasta is always a favourite. Mary from One Perfect Bite cooked ravioli to perfection with her Ravioli with Cream, Bay Leaf and Sage. Mary said that it is suitable for an entree but I think I can have it as my main instead!!!

Fancy something heartwarming? Hop over to Heart and Hearth. Ning whipped up Clams in Noodle Soup for her husband-isn't she sweet? I would probably slurp up the soup in a minute!

The founder of PPN- Ruth from Once Upon a Feast cooked up a storm with her Chili Mac to serve with some pasta. Ruth is awaiting the arrival of her 2nd grandchild! Advanced congratulations Ruth!

Last week, Nimandra did a fantastic job with the PPN round up 90. This week, she is back full force with her Tuna Pasta with Sundried Tomato. It's such a summery dish-perfect for one of my work lunches! Soy and Pepper features really easy to read and lovely ideas for meals so be sure to check it out.

This amazing blogger managed to cook up macaroni for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Wiffy from Noobcook fried up Stir Fry Macaroni with Basil, Chilli and Garlic. Even the title sounds delicious. I'm a big fan of one pot dish, so this one is a winner to me!

And I submitted two dishes this week! I love my pasta and salmon-Creamy Honey Salmon Pasta featured the use of honey in pasta and on salmon.

Then I re-created a simple stir fry noodles with peanut, pad thai noodles and eggs. Peanut Eggy Stir Fry Noodles was cooked during one of those days that I have practically nothing in the house! It kept my tummy full though.

Don't forget that next week's host will be the amazing Ruth from Once Upon a Feast! Send your entries to ruth(At)4everykitchen(dot)com


Soli Deo Gloria said...

Wow! You did a great job hosting PPN! Thank you for your lovely write-up! Great round-up! Wonderful dishes to read and try! :)

Noob Cook said...

wahaha looks like I submitted my entry just in time ;p thanks for the lovely round up =)

Ruth Daniels said...

Wow what a wonderful Presto Pasta Night Roundup. Thanks a million Daphne, for hosting and for all you pasta cooks - awesome!

By the way, Boaz has a little brother named Dov who arrived weighing in at 9 pounds 1 oz.

Unknown said...
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Nilmandra said...

I thought I might be late, especially since I'm on Canadian Pacific Time :) Good job on the round up!

test it comm said...

What a tasty roundup! I am off to read some pasta posts.

Little Inbox said...

Haha, mine pasta and noodle look so Asian style!

giz said...

and PPN chalks up yet another fantastic roundup

Food For Tots said...

What a wonderful round-up! All the submissions are fabulous. A feast to my eyes!

Aimei said...

Great job in this round-up Daphne! :D

Jin Hooi said...

well done, great round up !!

Anonymous said...

daphne -- the pad thai looks great! keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

a great round up! hihihi i hope i can keep submitting to PPN just like before ^_^


Unknown said...

cheers to you daphne, great round-up... thanks to you i'll have pasta recipes for hubby to try... lol... :)

Sharon said...

Daphne, fantastic round up! I love all the different varieties of yummy noodles/pasta.

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