Friday, November 12, 2004

eye contact n buses

i can see that mand n v r getting excited abt the eye contact topic.. in fact.. i remembered there is another person who is interested in it as well. Velda.. see.. so many ppl interested in the area u r at.. although of coz.. u didnt do your hons on the eye contact n attraction topic.. Mhwahaha..maybe we shld do a joint thing together in the future. I dont mind going back to psychophysiology man. but that also means.. we go to touch on SOCIAL psychology.. *sigh*-we can never win can we?

And i can forsee alot of sparks flying in my hse in dec.... with all the eye contact lessons going on. Mhwahahaha.. (yes, i hv fun teasing ppl.. esp if one is my hsemate and the other is my closeeeeee friend/pseudo les lover).

Grey day.

I cant stop listening to 'Stop'-chanel or 'Stop'-by Sam brown.. of coz..the sexy, attitude chanel didnt help me either. Chanel as a performer rocks.. Why says sexy got to be like all those supermodels huh.. I reckon Chanel represents what a woman sexuality shld be like.. confident, sultry.. and knows what she wants..and out there to get it.

Benjamin read out something..about how finding a partner is like waiting for a bus.. and that sometimes, we got to board the bus..and stop complaining if it has aircon, or it is too crowded.. etc etc. I jus replied and say..... There isnt any buses coming my way. what the world is he talking abt!? There is a difference btw choosing buses and simply jus waiting for another bus to arrive.. or perhaps..the girl.. jus want to WALK for a change... or hitch a ride with another car.. or maybe jus maybe.. someone else will come especially to pick her up.

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