Friday, November 12, 2004

continued frm the last post

no velda.. not jeolous. u got to stare at ppl..and i got to look at drawings.. .. so i think we r sort of even lah hor. Mhwahhaaha. and if the issue is abt the lessons.. errr.. the hot n goreous velda..who can resist? :p (no.. i wasnt being sacastic.. i meant it!!..afterall, velda is my pseudo les lover..;p)

the bus stop thing. Yeah.velda raised a good pt..WHY do we hv to wait for public transport huh? I like my last line..when i say.. perhaps the girl is jus waiting for her own private ride.. (my hopes arent that high to get a limo vel..)

oh. why isnt anyone using the tagboard?

and did anyone try the Bird's eye fish? The lemon crumbed and the Herb one r soo good.... and on sale too!


Thoughts said...

1. how do u use the tagboard?

2. have u tried the original bird's eye fish fillet. yummy too. but i like the herb one better. haven't tried lemon.

3. we don't want public transport cause mankind r essentially selfish animals. do we really want to share our man ard??? ( well in current times, maybe we can't help it.... maybe that's y all men are public transport... kinda difficult to get a brand new, unused one:P) hhahahhahah

4. hey, of course we have to wait for a limo. life is such that it will defn disappoint u (sorry, not a big fan of fairy tale)... if u initally plan to wait only for a motorbike, trust me, somehow u will get a bicyle:P i won't consider it "hao gao hu yuan" but rather setting urself with some kind of standards. so if u wait for a limo, life experiences will also tell u that u won't get a limo, when a little honda comes along, u will jump on it too:P hahaha.....just like how u want a smart, intellectual handsome young chap wif a 6 pack, life is such that, since intellectual men are a rarity, when an old fat bald but smart and intellectual person come along, u will prob grab him too:P anyway that was an example n not indicative of daf's taste in men.

p/s: i really don't mind armand's height:P i have dated 2 guys who are shorter than me b4:P *cheeky grin*

armand said...

I think in Daphne's case, just replace 'busses' with 'limos' :)

what's the tagboard?

and what is it with my height again?

Thoughts said...

armand's height? nah just snubbing gals + guys who have this and that standards of physical beauty. as what my ex bf once wrote as his conclusion in hiw WOB essay

"beauty is skin-deep. even that is saying too much"

there are important qualities beyond the superfical that unfortunately many pple don't see. my best fren for instant struggle for ages before accepting her current bf because he is shorter than her. it was something that she couldn't accept, a physical "deficit" according to her standards.

indirectly, i am also complimenting u armand. u may be physically challenged in some pple's opinions, but i see great qualities in u that goes beyond that.

p/s: i hate it when i am in a serious mood! urgh

armand said...

okay, I should have put a smiley there :) Thanks Velda.

Thoughts said...

u r welcome :)

Thoughts said...

yes daf,

n the flirting continues....:P

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