Friday, November 12, 2004

Car/limo/bicycle ride

I'm using a new post..instead of replying to the comments..coz.. i feel like it.

1) tag board.. jus type in your name..and then type in your comments.. .. *dionk*

2) fish- yeah.the lemon one is good too.. but the herb is better.

3) Car ride- u got a good point velda. sorry to the guys who r reading this.. coz for some reason, all of the guys r the cars/buses/bicycle..or whatever types of transport in this analogy. I guess the main thing is.. and frm my discussion with jackson.. really..r girls nowadays too fussy? Like for us..velda..we look for different things in guys..well.. not that different.. but still different (u r right.. i really not into old saggy man.although i'm not that bothered abt that if they hv the intellect and hold good conversations/arguements/discussion n hold your hand together in your walk in life....everything else is a bonus).

A limo ride is the extreme..and yes.. if u reach for the stars, u fall onto the white fluffy clouds..which isnt that bad either. But r girls searching for full perfection. someone said..there r 2 kinds of singaporean gals around the 1) tai-tai in the making kind..or the 2) independent want career kind. What abt girls who fall in the middle of the 2 categories? Or r there categories in the first place?

My ride had been bumpy for the last few years..and i got off it recently... It isnt public transport..and i dont think the both of us were too fussed.. but it still got to end..becoz we realised we want to go to different places..different routes to take. So while he is still driving on, i'm taking my walk until the next ride comes along.. (OR if i get my own car for that matter..Mhwhahaa). For sometimes, a walk alone isnt that bad after all. IT will be nice of coz, if a person comes by and will walk the path with me eventually..or we start to hold hands and get a car together..and continue driving to the same direction (or similar directions).

So even if it is a honda, toyota, lancer, limo, nissan... :) Do we need a perfect looking limo.. (when the interior might be jus plastic) or perhaps.. a old little honda with comfy interior..and good to drive..(back to what u said velda)...

I hv friends..girlfriends..who explicitly told me that they will break off with a guy..jus becoz he cant find a job (and will break with him if he cant find a job by the end of the mth)..or perhaps another girl.. who told me straight that she will not be with a guy who is poor. These r also the girls, that prob hv their choices..and take their by one.

Disclaimer: this can happen to men too.

High expectations of your partner.. mm..or jus plain materalistic expectations.. that's jus plain wrong. sad even.

When someone asked me what r my expectations of a partner.. i'm always stumped.. are my expectations high? No. I dont think so. It isnt too much.. i reckon.. to want someone to share the ride with you.. To walk the path together with you. Hving individual dreams.. 2 different personalities.. yet walking the same path.. encouraging each other on. Am i too idealistic? Too fairy tale (if i want fairy tale, i can continue staring at Prince Barbie Ken. hrmph).

Rides r meant to be bumpy.... which doesnt matter as long as 2 ppl r going to the same/similar directions. No.. i dont want to share my ride with anyone.. so velda's pt abt public transport still stands. But i'm taking this walk alone, till a person comes and walk with me.. or if a ride comes along. So the analogy in some sense, stands for me... who knows, if i keep on walking.. i met jus meet another person who needs my company. It doesnt matter, if he drives a limo or if he doesnt drive at all. it doesnt matter if i get on the bus/limo/car... is abt the direction, the route.

I'm rambling again!!!!! shessh. more to come if i feel like it later.

4) wow.. i didnt know matchmaking/flirting can take place on my blog.. :p *roll eyes* bring it on.Mhwahahaa..

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Thoughts said...

maybe it isn't beauty that is skin deep. rather, it is life and expectations that are skin deep. how can pple believe in fairy tales of "happily ever after"... just imagine cleaning toliets and smelly socks ard the house!

in my cynical moments i have commented before... marriage is merely a certificate that binds a perfect housemate wif u, perfect in the sense that u can live and tolerate each other. in addition, it is a legal and social approval that u can have kids with this housemate.

perhaps, the ideal housemate then is one that u love and is in love with. if u look at it this way, "in love" is probably equalvent to "lust"

all that eye contact that pple make with each other when they r in love? it's just a means of labeling ur physiological arousal where one sweats and feel the increase in blood flow to the face (well for men, maybe increase in blood flow to a different organ.... but i digress)

what is love? that is something that not even past philosophers are able to explain, not to mention us.

hmm feel like reading WOB all of a sudden now....


yes i have seen quite a few tai-tai wannabes... from a female's perspective, it is disgusting and embarrassing. oh well, to each of his own.


despite the above ranting, i have been "in love" and still love that person deeply even though we r no longer tog.

a fren couldn't understand how one can continue loving an ex, n my reply was as simple as this, "do u stop loving someone simply because the nature of the r/s has changed?" if she had indeed stop loving her bf after they broke up, is that still love?

so it comes back to, y do i still love this ex then? it's not because he is a limo i.e. not because he is rich, smart and cute. in fact with the exception of smart, the other 2 doesn't apply at all. rather, i love him for what and who he is. for all his smelly socks, inability to spend time with me, not earning much etc, he is just the way he is.

hahah sorry not making sense here. i never am when i talk abt him. nevertheless, the pt being, it's not abt the limo!!!!

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