Tuesday, December 14, 2004

just a whole chuck of crap

Macquarie said my application was not processed because my final results isnt in yet. That uni got serious adminstration problems.

Murdoch University offered me a place in Masters. Finally. :) Now the ironic thing will be that uni of mel acccepts me as well..mmm..

2 more years in Murdoch. Oh gosh, CL better not screw up another of my exams. Another 2 more years with DL, PD and possibly HD (no not high distinctions.. helen davis).

Or is it? well, see how the first year goes ya?

Be back in spore on the 20th of dec. Confirmed the flight already... getting ticket tomorrow. So peeps... i'm coming back... cant wait to see peg, ruth, benji, jon, gran, mother, pa, d, jia, yi, jacq..and the list continues...

The mystery train ride was ok... the ride there was good. the actors was good. the rest was crap (including the food and the mystery).

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