Thursday, January 06, 2005

2 weeks

Went to kino and blew 71 bucks on 3 books. The bag i am interested in remained 'un-bought' in the shop though i went there twice to look at it. The books however, now that is a different story.

Had a good day today. A slower moving pace day. It is heart warming when i think about how a friendship progresses over the years. B was good company as usual as we explored the explanade and other various places. It is amusing to have a rectangle relationship with B, R and P. Afterall, we grew up together...and B is the only GUY that all of us are happy to share. Yes, we hv a strange relationship. Couldnt quite decide if B is our brother,mentor,friend,dad or even ..anything else. All 5 i reckon. (and i believe P n R will agree).

Things that went through my mind when i walked in a shopping centre:
1) Those couples in sec/JC's uniforms looked so sweet holding hands..
2) THose gushy lovey dovey feeling that kids associate love with.
3) how YOUNG are they to be in relationships man!
4) OH CRAP... it was only 5 years ago that i was in THEIR shoes....
5) OH CRAP.. i am getting old.

An old friend and I looked at each other in horror when we realised that in 10 years time, our topics of conversation MIGHT be abt work, family and possibly even babies. 10 years ago, Ting n i were talking about books, library trips and playing UNO. Now, is about uni, bgr, economy, current affairs.... lateR? *shudder*

I guess it is fun to look back at how we changed/grew up over the years.

Ever realise that friendships there were formed when ur younger seems to last longer? While i made fantastic friends in colleges and uni, those i met in pri/sec sch hv that bond...weird. Ok fine, housemates dont count because i stay with them and therefore we are closer..besides, weird as it sounds, the 'hse' is like a 3rd family to me as well ( 1st being real family n 2nd being church family).

"Girls are hard to please"- B said. While gifts are appreciated, i still insist that day to day small gestures and observations or actions r more precious. "it is hard to come up with new things/ideas" all the time." Which is why i said gestures and observations r important! :p Well ok, so some girls have their own expectations (n i admit it..i hv my own as well) but at the end of the day, $ isnt everything. Gifts do not mean anything if the heart isnt in it. Besides, men isnt that easy to please as well.

My writing is jumbled. Forgive me. Mind isnt working as nimble as it was a few months ago. WAIT, is my mind working in the first place? Emotions, physiology and thoughts are all mixed up. Over stimulated i think.

Gran's cholesterol level is better than the doctor's. That is good news. The bad news is...she needs to see a gastrologist (is that how u spell it?) IN MARCH. Which means she will suffer till march... argh.

Meet the Fockers is a mindless movie. See it if u want mindless comedy. =)

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