Wednesday, January 12, 2005

munch munch

and of course, i forgot to mention how CHEAP food is in the sch canteen.


gym this morning. whacked 2.96km in 20 mins..and was half cursing at the machine and myself..since i wanted to reach 3km. It auto stops itself when it reached 20 mins. so i did rowing and then back to the machine...but this time, it auto stops when it reaches 100m. *grumble*

Was a little disappointed with the shoes shopping in toa payoh today. Brought another pair of pants n a top frm giordano though.

Still short of shoes and bags. time is running out...tock tock tick tock.

Mother is in a better mood these days again.compared to last week *shudder*

feels as if my gran n dad is in a mission to feed me..and my mother is the 'balance' and therefore kept reminding me how i wont be able to fit into the pair of pants we jus bought if i gain back all the weight again.

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