Tuesday, January 11, 2005

sec sch

No. I am NOT going to have purple highlights. Just so wrong. And yes, i am going for something safer and probably a color that wont 'shout' out too much.

Yes. And so it seems that i hv been pissing off alot of ppl (3 i think, but i cld hv pissed off more without knowing). And get caught in the 'circle of life' as what velda said. What a way to start off the new year. Then again, last year started off well, and the year didnt go on quite smoothly so perhaps it will be better this year? blah. As if this sort of thing will happen.

Jackson-san. Eat proper food lah.

cant shake off "the steadfast love of the Lord" in my head. Rev Goh threw an impromptu request at us and so we sang in front of KCP. I wonder what will Zinnia say if she hears us? Oh, and how come the benediction was in the wrong key?

The KCP building changed so much. Good i suppose. Yet a sense of nostalgia came to me when i walk around the school.. With the exception of the sch concourse, everything is not where it was. AND THE PREFECTS have a prefect's room. A proper one...hrmph.

Mrs Lee-my lit teacher still remembers me. The sad thing is, seems that my class was the last batch who did pure lit (3 books)..they changed the syllabus. They got this social science and humanities combi thingie.. What a pity, as lit was the subj that made my olevels year more interesting (apart frm prefects n band practice). Geo is the preferred choice now. Always have been.

Mr Lawerance Tan is still the same. Not sure if i want him to remember me, since i failed his RETEST 3 times. I was pathetic with physics. I think he gave up on me...luckily i passed olevels, if not, i would hv make a dent in his "no failures" record. The other teachers? Mrs OL Tay is using a mic in class now. I remembered her as the teacher with the sharpest voice ever. Not sure how i can fall asleep in her class once. That was embarressing since she caught me almost falling off the chair...

PC Lim isnt there anymore. Crap. He got transferred to MOE. He would hv make a good vice-principal i reckon.

I found my prefects tie, badge, peer-support badge, and other badges in one of my drawers last week. Well, i even found the ugly red tie frm band. =p sec sch memories. hrmph.

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