Thursday, February 10, 2005

Happy Rooster Year

Byebye monkey..hello rooster

To all...HAPPY new YEAR. Wishing everyone a fanastic year ahead...and start clucking ppl. :)

A day of visiting..and just sitting and smiling at ppl. Some discoveries were made...when one of my 'long-lost' uncle walked in with his new wife, another showed us pictures of his girfriend..and all the aunties persuading him to get married fast.

CNY isnt the same without Irene... Moses, Irene n i, will always gather during CNY...except that Irene is away this year. I will be seeing moses more this year however..since he will be going to UWA for his b of medicine. Ah. That i look forward to.

Of course, like any other year, there will be at least ONE person who will say "psychology?u r reading my mind are u?"..except that the ONE person is almost always the same person... hrmph. If i can read minds...then i shld be a psychic. NOT a psychologist!

Feels sort of funny.. as everyone asks u "so? How many more years hv u got left..u away for a long time already ah" and feeling bad, when i hv to explain the masters part...

Never mind. New year.. with positive thoughts.. :)


Ruthie said...


eeehh...u can read my mind leh... :p

Thoughts said...

it's okie.. i am sick of explaining the difference btw psychologists n psychiatrists.... :)

i had a more exciting new yr with the relatives:P pop by my blog!

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