Friday, February 11, 2005

Few more hours

2nd day of CNY...

Few more hours before i depart from singapore...

was lazing in bed a little more this morning..taking in the smell of my pillow, the celling view from my bed.

7 weeks in Singapore. How time flew by.

The little india trip, being in chapel services, singing in the choir... etc etc. :)

Oh well. That is life. People come people go. As we grow older, that is what we experience more.
At least i get to see my family in april. That is one thing i look forward to.

For some i grow older, it is harder to leave my family. Perhaps my wilfulness has lessen...perhaps i realised how little time all of us hv...and all i want to do is to be with my love ones.

Well, there r things that i look forward to in Perth as well. New (almost) course, hot grass jelly, the winter weather, freedom, cooking/baking...

Is taking the positives and turning the negatives to positives that count.

*Muacks* *hugs* *muacks*

1 comment:

Ruthie said...

sigh...has it been 7 weeks?
my goodness!
I'll miss u loads
*sniff sniff*

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