Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

Just a q. What colour is my blog on your computer? The background for mine is greyish..but i saw that it is light green on other computers (and that looked ew).

anyway, YES. I am back in Perth. Spent the past few days cleaning my room and the kitchen. The carpet was actually a light shade of grey (and so you can imagine the amount of dust) and now back to peach-pink again. I washed all my softtoys so they are smelling real nice now.. :p Oh..and i cleared 3 big bags of rubbish.. how did i manage to store that much stuff in my room? *shake head*

Happy Valentine's Day ppl.. I never quite agree with valentine's day being just a day for couples. I remembered r n i had so much fun on v day (together with yifeng)...celebrating as friends. =) Well, i spent the morning in Uni, sitting through orientation program and listening to stuff like 'security on campus'- how 'romantic'.

Haz..being the sweet gal that she is bought me a bouquet of roses..continuing our tradition of giving each other something on v-day since sec sch days. Sweet b apparently bought flowers for every girl in church...and proceeded to send me one too! *hugs* That was a very very very thoughtful gesture.

Here you go folks. Hope your v-day is more eventful than mine. I am going to spend the rest of the day packing the pantry, cooking and possibly indulge in reading.

Ps.. stupid orientation program. I need to be in Uni at 11am tomorrow morning for the insurance talk..and return again at 5pm for postgraduate enrolment.


Thoughts said...

at least u have an orientation program, i'm just totally disoriented!

Benji said...

talk abt red for "passion"
Give me those lessons on colour coding for giving flowers.. sheesh

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