Tuesday, February 08, 2005

shall we dance?

A day of CNY shopping, chatting with velda..and movie with r and b... ah. Cant bear to part with v in J8..looking forward to april though.

I miss body move classes. Yes, NIKKI..come back! argh. The music, the dance..the steps..woohoo..

Alright..so, the movie just convince me further about taking dancing lessons..esp the waltz..

My feet r itching for some action. THink i might join the first step class asap when i reach perth. Too bad, Nikki isnt there to teach anymore... :(

Now, i never quite understood the facination about richard gere in Pretty Woman. However, after watching "Shall we dance"...i think i am in that group of girls who goes ga-ga over him. He got the charm. The dance moves prob swayed me over.. hey, which girl doesnt like to danced to? Or be lead in a dance?

Micheal Buble's newest cd is out!! FINALLY. Sexy as usual... *swooning* :P his voice... ah.


Thoughts said...

i want to learn the lindy hop!

richard gere... yeah charming....*swoons*

yeeling suggested that it was the sparkle in his eyes that made gals ga ga over him.. do u think his chemistry with Julie Roberts is because of the sparkle in her eyes when she flashes her famous smile?:)

Benji said...

think both of them just shock each other by what little static they have in them...

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