Monday, February 07, 2005

fufilling day

choir in the morning..sent me going through my mum's shoe cabinet for a pair of black closed toes shoes. The singing was ok...although i think the timing was off. oh well, it's over! :)

went around church to say my goodbyes. Had a few decent conversations with Joseph, Carol, Rev Hong, Pek Ya... I was taking EVERYTHING in...the cross, the church, the ppl.. and especially thankful to those who prayed for me. Uncle Kim Meng for his encouraging words...

I wanted to take a pic with little Ethan today...he posed happily with me...and then hannah and samuel both decided that they want to take pics too..and i suddenly found myself surrounded with 3 kids. :)

An afternoon with Peggy, Ruth and Sam... Hving Taking pics. We were the original bible study group..and i guess, our bond will always remain. The thought of not seeing Peggy for the next 10 mths nearly brought tears to my eyes. we spent 15 mins saying our goodbyes in Bugis..(i think her friend eileen must hv thought we r crazy).

And it will prob the same tomorrow night..or at the airport...

Dinner was "lao bejing". It was a fantastic evening with my family. The usual exists of course, when you put my mum, grandma and myself basically means we go shopping for shoes. yup.. i think grandma is finally satisfied with me today, after i got another pair. Do i really look that pathetic? *shake head*

Flower shopping was good too. The three of us..with dad following behind us. ah.. I think i will not forget tonight.

got my mum hooked on sarah brightman.. :p

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