Sunday, February 06, 2005


been doing a bit of singing lately...b, r n i happily turned up in zinnia's place on friday..handed her music scores and went through a 'critical review' of us singing ambitious songs...

Of course..zinnia being zinnia, she made us do impossible reaching the HIGH C as we warmed up our poor underworked diaphragm. Amazingly, the note was reached... but spunky (zinnia's boy boy) was barking at i dont think it went really well...hmmm

Nonetheless, the feeling of picking up singing again is great.

Being such a beginner in singing, a couple of points were noted
1)Not using diaphragm enough
2)still using throat voice too much
3) not powerful enough

Hobby is a hobby =)

I started to pack stuff that was piling up beside my luggage bag...INTO the bag. Of course, grandma being my sweet grandma, stuffed stuff inside those 'to be packed' plastic bags. I found laundry lines, rubber bands and even clothes hangers..... ah, her way of expressing affections. *smiles*

Had a LONG chat with Tingting last night.. in the middle of it, we met Fiona..and she plonked herself next to me and the 3 of us started chatting for another few hours. Old friends, old times... The same old story remains we approach the next phrase of our life (i.e. working).

Tingting and I were library kakis.. We gathered as much library cards from our family members as possible and head to AMK or Toa payoh to borrow books every pri/sec school holiday. Memories... haha

Jon got a collection of books that i want to get my hands on... next hols perhaps. :p


Benji said...

well... using that diaphragm is a definite thing.. the powerful voice part we can work on it when we that diaphragm part all worked out..

Ruthie said...

duh...does that mean more swimming to train up the diaphragm?
actually, loads of laughing helps too!!

Benji said...

if that makes u happy ruth... YES it does..

Thoughts said...

i never saw u in amk or toa payoh lib when i was younger?!?! but then again... i never saw u in a zillon other places that we both supposedly hang out tog all the time too...

i'm trying to read this hols' collection. hiaz i bought too many! only 1/2 way through my 4th 400+ pg book this holiday in Singapore... and I have a least another 8 books sitting in my "waiting to be read books" corner... it's really unfulfiling; i haven't read anything outstanding this hols. any recommendations Daf?

Benji said...

in the past, I had the sad life of reading my TEXTBOOK... that was when I was half way up malaysia but then reading wasn't my forte anyway.. used to take me months to finish 1 book.. can never stay awake while reading..

Benji said...
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