Saturday, April 16, 2005

baby steps

double meaning on that title.

1) Congrats to irene who is expecting her first child...

2) that is what i am taking in all my assignments (and etc)

exhausted doesnt quite describe how i feel in the past week. Sure i only hv 3 clients so far, i hv one difficult mum- who thinks everything is biological, and whose son is seeing a psychiatrist who piled him on antidepresents n concerta, an adult client-who presented her problems as 'nerves' but really... has some r/s problems with her husband..and repeatedly asked me if she can get pension so that she can leave her husband (yes... BIG alarm bells went off in my head), and another adult client who is probably the most straight forward case of them all (jus anxiety).

hv another client coming in soon. The one that require me to conduct the interview in chinese. Spoke to the dad on the phone, and BOY.. did he pile me with quick questions on "where i am frm, how long hv i been in australia" and once he know the answers to those q.. i can literally heard that sigh of relief in his voice. *raise eyebrows*- i hope they dont expect me to speak super fluent chinese...

Not complaining or whining abt my clients. I am ok with them. although i wish i hv more time to prepare on their cases instead of dividing my time between their cases and assignments.

btw, the one with the r/s problems one.. it has SCHEMA written all over it. argh......
and i hv to learn how to do mindfulness for the anxiety client, which means i hv to do it myself.. 45 mins a day..EVERYDAY... and 'immerse' (that is chris' words, NOT mine) myself in it.

I think chris knows that i am septic.. because he actually spent like 15 mins trying to convince me... AFter supervision.

Not that i am against mindfulness (being aware of the surroundings, not making judgements abt the surroundings, noticing your thoughts), just that i find that hard to digest that concept. U know what CL said abt me when i asked abt mindfulness "you are obviously not praciticing it cause if you are, you wont be reasoning and will just be observing the thoughts'


a note abt that: i think i can safely say that to get here to where i am..i need to keep my reasoning...

there is one positive thing being CL's student... i get all the mindfulness tapes for free.. and scripts. :P

My assignments.. *not thinking abt it* more like *too scary to think abt it*

and so i hv my frustrations. I am going through periods of times when i think "maybe i can do this" and then quickly transform to "how am i going to handle this?" I think i hv to get used to all these thoughts.. coz i hv a feeling it is going to be there throughout the year.

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