Wednesday, June 08, 2005


A couple of people have asked me if i am ok after saturday's crash. Yup. I am fine. With the exception of a sore back and neck, everything is going alright. God's blessings were on us. Do pray for us (being armand and myself who were in the accident) however, for strength.

Sidetracked, the date and walnut pecan loaf that i baked on sunday turned out well.

I digressed.. yes, the accident. There is no doubt in my mind that this accident will make me stronger as a person (i hope for you too armand =)) and that somehow, some matters are clearer in my mind. After all, if you can handle a crisis (at that pt of time), it shows alot.

It is not a big accident but small ones like that just opened up your eyes.

*big hugs*


Ruthie said...

I'm sore too :(
but for a different reason

Thoughts said...


n *thumbs up* for Armand


take care babe:)

Grace L said...

Hope you're feeling better... *hug*

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