Thursday, July 07, 2005

session terminated

One client down. =) it feels good when the client leaves the office and said she now have the tools to deal with the problem she came in with. A morale boost for me anyway.

The clinic seems awfully quiet as everyone is going off for holidays. I feel like an idiot when I have a client coming in on a friday afternoon, when practically everyone is off somewhere (they were even talking about the up coming trips up north, down south..etc in the resource rm!).

PD had a client picked out for me (well,that was on the top of the list).. a couple, that is gonna be challenging i reckon. PD's last words to me before i left his office was "It is important to take a break so that you will return fresh and enuth, make sure you take a break".. in fact, he repeated that 3 times when i was in his office. yes, u guessed it, i rolled my eyes when he said 'fresh and enthusiatic'.

1 comment:

Thoughts said...

..... u should see PD's recent emails to me....

defn not fresh and enthu. in fact, the exact opposite:P

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