Saturday, July 01, 2006

One week...

I came to realise what a cheapo I am. The following are benefits of being on this placement:
- Free coffee
- Free tea (including fancy ones such as English Breakfast, Peppermint, Green tea, Camomile Tea and Earl Grey).
- Free Milo
- Free biscuits (cream and plain)
- Free fruits
- Free water
- Dish washer to use
- Sandwich grill machine
- Chefs in the hospital prepares sandwiches or main meal on a subsidised rate (you can't go cheaper than $2.50 for sandwich of your choice or $4.00 for a main meal which consists of meat (salmon/roast/fish and veges) + fruit platter/dessert).
- All the resources (treatment manuals) that I can take.
- Free morning and afternoon tea (Yesterday, I had warm scones for morning tea and crackers and capsicum cream cheese dip for afternoon tea).
- Free exercise (by coming up and down the dozens of staircases that they have in the hospital and office).
-Free breakfast (They provide a toaster, raisin bread/normal bread, peanut butter, margarine, all kinds of jam).

I'm still sceptical of this placement (one size fits all intervention doesnt sit well with me) although I can see how patients/clients benefit from being in this hospital than a public one. The staff are nice (once I got over the "They are UWA graduates" inferior feelings). My supervisor doesnt work full-time, so really, I can leave anytime after 3:30pm and no one will know! ;p I still cant get pass myself to do that though. I was chase out of the office at 4:55pm, which actually, isnt too bad afterall.

Having said all of that, the program is intensive. At the end of the day, I feel exhausted. Perhaps it's the journey of self-discovery when doing a crash course of the program (and learning how to faciltate it). You cant just study it without thinking how this can be apply in your life. Perhaps being in a group setting changes dynamics and juggling them is exhausting enough-needless to say paying attention to their needs and how the program can assist them.

Did I mention that their photocopier links to the computers and acts as a printer too? I walked into the photocopier room looking for a PRINTER! How dumb did I look? (and to think I count myself as a city girl?!!??!??!).


wenrui said...

Ha. Ha. Ha.

daphne said...

Hey jon! Sometimes I feel that u r the only one reading! ;p

Wakkoon said...

Hee. I had a similar experience... walked into a photocopier room and searched everywhere for a fax machine... only to find that that the photocopiers were also fax machines... :)

The wonders of new technology nowadays :)

daphne said...

I's freakish. I suspect this machine is a fax machine too.

The receptionist must have think I'm nuts.. hahahah ;p (abit of mind-reading cognitive distortion here).

Ruthie said...

I also read ur blog, k?

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