Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Night Dinner

Since I have been cooking doubles and freezing meals for weekday dinners, I havent had the chance to get into the groove of cooking much. On other days, I try to cook whatever that can be done in 30 minutes (or less). In fact, my record was 20 minutes (and no, it's not instant noodles).

Anyway, I decided to do something more today.

Cream of Mushroom Soup- Bought fresh field mushrooms for $2.99 a kilo! What a steal.

Spicy crumbed fish with sweet potato pepitas salad

Warm Mocha Pudding Cake

Total time taken: 1 hr 15 minutes. The cake was put in the oven just when the soup + fish were done.

Cooking and baking allowed me to concentrate without being too distracted. It doesn't matter if I have emails to answer, tutorials to prepare, manual to write, readings to read and other things that will constantly flood one's mind. Just that hour, I'm able to think about the food in front of me and how it can be made better. It's strange, but only during cooking/baking, that I'm able to push other things out of my mind. It can only be done when the stress scaled reached 7 or 8 upon 10. Anything higher than that and I refuse to move or cook. Mr. Ar testified to a night a few weeks ago when I came home and sat down and cried on the couch- refusing to speak, cook or eat. I think it scared him a little. I recovered after awhile but that cry was needed. As long as I dont reach that stage, I can still function- at least that is what I like to believe. Crying is like baking/cooking, both gets it out of your system. It's therapeutic. Perhaps they are God's gifts to keep me sane.


Ruthie said...

mmm...sounds yummy to me!
reminded me of the time I whipped up a 2-course dinner at my friend's place...
Seared Beef Steak with mushrooms, beans, boiled potatoes, and black pepper-mushroom sauce
Dessert was a bowl of fresh fruit salad, in it were oranges, apples, strawberries, and some lemon juice

u're does help us to concentrate and block out things. And we're perhaps the people who enjoy cooking for others :)

Benji said...

I agree with the cooking bit... takes your mind off everything else...

daphne said...

Definitely. Not to mention the sense of satisfaction when the meal is completed. It's funny how usually I dont get hungry when I cooked.

The sweet potato with pepitas had lemon olive oil dressing on it. So it's moist and sweet to go with the crumbed fish. I spray olive oil on the crumbs and used a grilled pan so it's healthy and crispy without the oily after taste!

wenrui said...

try cycling.

daphne said...

I dont know how to cycle jon. Unless it's on a stationary bike in the gym.

besides that, I do enjoy gardening-pulling out plants do require a certain degree of strength and resiliance.

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