Monday, October 02, 2006

Queen's birthday.

And so it is a public holiday in WA- although of course, it is still an uni open day.. so I'm faithfully sitting in front of the desktop, doing work but decided that I need some distraction.

I can't believe the weekend is gone again. Last week went quickly. Presentation DID go well-better than expected. I did not succumb to my nerves at all! The person I feared will piled questions on me (whom my supervisor said likes to "show off") supported my hypothesis and observations instead.

True to murphey's law, we found out the meeting room was booked by "people who are more important than you" and we shifted to a smaller therapy room 2 mins before my presentation. As an end result, I DID NOT GET A CHANCE TO PRESENT ON THE BIG LCD TV!!!!!!!!! Since lunch was provided (see, making me feel important even though they kicked me out of the posh meeting room), everyone ate while listening to my talk. Probably the reason why it was well recieved (the eating I mean).

And to wrap the whole thing off? The clinic manager and I realised that the posh meeting room wasnt being used till 3pm (I presented at 12.30) so they kicked me out for nothing! grrrrr...

"Sandwich generation"- I feel like it now-except I have no kids. It's all about role reversal however. I recalled bring home report cards as a young child.These days, my family hands me their report cards. Dad and grandma- report on ALL health checkups, blood pressure and bloodwork. Mum- needless to say report on her assignments n work. Isnt it strange when u reach a certain age and u r no longer that little girl, even though you still feel like one? I feel vulnerable in knowledge that my parents n grandma are growing older.

Anyway, some pictures here....

I made...
Stuffed capsicum with couscous and apricot chicken.

mmmm... it isnt hard to make at all. Just add water/stock to couscous (mine has tomato, spices n cheese in it), fluff it and add to grilled whole capsicum. Topped with cheese, melt it and yummm...a meal is ready.

As for the apricot chicken, it's just seared chicken a dash of chilli powder and tumeric. Then add chicken stock, simmer for 5 mins. Add chopped dried apricots, simmer for another 5 mins and viola! cheap, quick and easy.

To be honest, I have never quite like adding fruits to my cooking-i prefer savoury than sweet most times. A dinner party that I attended a few months ago introduced me to Moroccan dishes and I was hooked by the sweet n savoury taste of the chicken dish. When my uncle and aunt came to visit, I made them a similar one and they liked it too. The last time, I added some nuts but I decided not to since I am probably going nuts by adding too many of them in my cooking and baking these days

and Mr Ar's favourite...

I have never made this before so decided to give it a go..given Mr Ar's love affair with meat and cheese. I probably did not make enough of the bechemal sauce but overall turned out to be edible. I didnt really follow any recipe just the way I like my lasagna to taste like-with lots of rosemary herbs from the garden, good dash of sherry and a can of chopped tomatos. I probably could have added in more tomato paste but I'm not really a big fan of that.

This is how it looked like when I dished it out-------------------------------------->

I served it with slices of grilled eggplant, capsicum and mushrooms.

Anyway, will probably do more baking later today. I'm thinking of a honey and apple cake... mmm...

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