Friday, August 24, 2007

Rum Tiramisu

Decisions decisions. I'm staring at the pile of pictures in the folder and I'm at a lost! Yup! Trigger happy recently. ;p Ever since I caught the fever of being an official foodie, I have been inspired by some fabulous foodie bloggers (look at my foodie blogroll on the left).

I got this idea from Evan. Previously, I flipped through Donna Hay 2 and I wanted to make the tiramisu "one day". However, I was only inspired to do so, when I saw Evan's entry.

I didn't have the all the required liquor (e.g. kahlua) with me AND my Baileys expired!! ARGH. I finally decided on rum instead.

On hindsight, I could have placed slices of strawberries in between and it would make a good fruity tiramisu. This is a short-cut version BUT tastes wonderful-especially when you are short of time. I made this in less than 15 minutes!

Rum Tiramisu
(1 serving)

1 table spoon of strong instant coffee granules
2-3 tablespoons of hot water.
1 generous tablespoon of rum
2 sponge fingers, halved lengthwise
cocoa powder for dusting


1/2 cup of mascarpone cheese
1/2 cup of cream (I used Carnations "light and easy" milk as a substitute)
1 tbsp icing sugar, sifted

Method :

1. Filling: Place the mascarpone cheese, cream and icing sugar together and whisk until light & creamy.

2. Dissolve coffee gradules with hot water. Mix rum or your choice of liquer in a bowl. Stir. Quickly dip both sides of the sponge finger halves in the coffee mixture. Place the 2 halves in the glass.

3. Top with half the filling. Dip the remaining sponge fingers and place on top of the cream layer. Spoon over remaining filling and dust heavily with cocoa powder before serving. Refrigerate until required.


AR said...

...and i can tell you that it tastes delicious :)
With the sponge fingers dipped in rum and coffee... :)

Big Boys Oven said...

Such a lovely tiramisu...... so tempting of not having a go with it.

Jackson said...

It's awesome! I wish i can be the one who try the rum tiramisu!!

teckiee said...

anything with rum...count me in!

evan said...

wow, so yum & refreshing! i love the frosted look on the glasses. they look so cool!

daphne said...

ar- trying to get you drunk so that you can hand me your credit card. ;p

big boys oven- thank you! =)

jackson- thanks!!! this is a simplified home-made version. The tiramisu versions you had and feature on your blog made me drool like crazy. (not a very nice sight).

teckiee- *high 5* I thought of using vodlka but i think it will taste weird. Btw, I did make the calamari pasta!!

Evan- hey babe. Thanks! I think that wasn't intentional. LOL Your picture looks so much more professional!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Lovely tiramisu! I'll have to make this when the kids arn't watching. LOL!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Love tiramisu! Yours look great and I love this easy version!

daphne said...

East meets west: hehhe.. u hv to try it!

Little corner of mine: Thank you!!! the easy version is quick to whip up and we are not compromising on taste too! I did make the strawberry version and it tastes just as nice.

Shayne said...

I love tiramisu so so much and I only get it maybe once every 3 years. Maybe I should take some tips from you and make some.

James said...

this is a simplified home-made version. The tiramisu versions you had and feature on your blog made me drool like crazy. (not a very nice sight).

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