Monday, August 20, 2007


Before the York trip, we headed to Toscanini for some tucker. We were in the mood for simple non-fuss food. Once again, we did a search on Entertainment book and found Toscanini's. It's a small place near Canning Hwy.

On arrival, we were greeted by a counter full of delicious salads, rolls and wraps. Very Mediterranean. I love the open feel of this little cafe. There were stacks of mags and newspapers for your leisure reading as well.

I felt like a good hearty soup and was pleased to see that they have "Roasted vegetables, chicken and noodle soup". It was thick and comforting! I loved it so much that I promised myself that I will make my own version of this soup soon (which I did and it will be in a later post).

Mr AR decided on a vegetarian Turkish bread. Oh so yummy. The chunks of veges with feta cheese was a great combi. Simple but delish.

Poor Mr AR was so hungry waiting for me to finish work that he decided we are going to have a salad as well. He isn't vegetarian but he knows I like my salads! hahaha. Besides, the salad looked really good....we couldn't resist the temptation of ordering more food. So here we have the rocket spinach feta with honey mustard dressing, roasted veges (again!) and a potato one which i can't remember what was it... mmm... delicious nevertheless. I was impressed to see roasted slices of eggplant! Usually, cafes have the usual sweet potato/pumpkin combi.

Definitely a place to head back to. It's great for desserts and coffees too.

Toscanini's Cafe

Moreau Mews
(902B Canning Highway)
Applecross WA 6153
08 9316 0096

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