Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bintang Cafe

We stumbled into Victoria Park and noticed an Indonesian cafe restaurant there. After our appointment with a photographer, we decided to have lunch over at the cafe we spotted.

Best home made egg noodles huh?

Bintang Kechil- Mixed of orange, pineapple juice and gourmet syrup, topped with soda water.
GOURMET syrup????!?!?!? It was really refreshing though and great for that 38C day!

This reminds me of old style kopitam in SG and Malaysia.

We ordered Mie Ayam Jamur & Bakso- their menu says "boiled egg noodles topped with chicken and mushroom with our own sauce and served with beef ball soup."

At first we thought that the portion was a little small for it's price ($7.50). But even AR felt full after that (then again, he ate both the noodles and lontong). Either it was the hot weather or they did pack lots in that tiny bowl. The noodles have a lovely texture. Not too soft- just the right amount of bounce in it. It was almost like dry style wanton noodles EXCEPT there wasn't any wantons in it.It was quite addictive and we wondered the amount of MSG they added into the noodles AND the soup! The beef balls was a surprise. Tender and flavorful. Certainly a nice touch to the meal.

Since we ordered one noodle dish, we decided to try their Lontong Sayur-Rice cake with boiled egg, vegetables and beef in coconut milk ($7.50). That was the first time I had lontong AND beef (usually it's vegetarian). Again, the portion was really tiny and I rather we sticked to the noodles. It was ok for Perth's standards but not worth our buck.

Our conclusion? Stick to their noodles if you are after a MSG fix. We were extremely thirsty after that meal but agreed that the texture of the noodles + beef balls is worth a visit from time to time. Just make sure you bring plenty of water!

Bintang Cafe
Shp12/ 910 Albany Hwy East
Victoria Park

WA Australia 6101
Phone: (08) 9472 9788.


Susan from Food Blogga said...

Ooh, so many new foods I'd love to try.

tigerfish said...

I made lotong before. You can check out my blog for recipe if you like it (and have some time). :P
The noodles do look like Bak Chor Mee ...but less Bak Chor and more Mee....;)

Little Corner of Mine said...

The Mie Ayam Jamur & Bakso look really good. From the picture the beef balls look huge!

rita bellnad said...

I'm big fan of mi ayam jamur and bakso too. My auntie is here (from Indonesia) she made us bakso from 3 kg ground beef it finished so quick and we still asking for more hahahaa...

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