Saturday, May 24, 2008

Black Pepper Stirfry on noodles

We are now in Malaysia! So far, it's day 3 and we are enjoying every moment we have with AR's parents and Zorro (pet labrador). I wouldn't say the shopping here is cheap but I did grab 2 pairs of shoes at bargain prices! RM$25 (AU$8) for a pair of white low heels and RM$49.90 ( AU$17)for a plain black work shoes. Woohoo!

Anyhow, I realized that I have not posted a recipe post for ages. This one was saved in the draft folder for some time. Again, that was one of my quick and easy meals. We had a packet of Swedish meatballs stashed in the freezer and I wanted to clear it before leaving for SG/KL. So here we go! Black pepper meatballs pasta. I used "shanghai noodles" but I think spaghetti will work fine as well.

Black pepper stirfry on noodles (serves 2-4)

200grams of swedish meatballs
1 tablespoons of garlic
1 chili chopped
1/4 cup of black pepper sauce
1/2 up of mixed vegetables
1 packet of noodles of your choice.

Blanch noodles. Separate in portions.

Stirfry meatballs with garlic, chili, sauce and mixed vegetables. Top mixture onto noodles. Serve hot.


New Kid on the Blog said...

I supposed this would be good to cook with spaghetti. However, the Shanghai noodle isn't that bad.

Am interested to see more posts from you from M'sia.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Lady, you should be resting and having fun, not posting! :P

Tummythoz said...

And I missed the chance to meet up. Bet you all had fun!

Kenny Mah said...

I'm sorry I missed you when you were in town, dear. Moving house (in fact, still moving). From the sound of it, you guys had a blast! ;)

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Daphne, great meeting you and Armand. Wasn't that a character in an Anne Rice book? One of the vampires...pls tell me he didn't pick you up with "I vanna sahck yourrr blaad ;-)"

It was really fun. Am sorry we didn't get to chat longer. :-)

D said...

Man does KL have delicious foods!
You gotta hit all the favorite spots like Jalan Imbi, Bangsar etc!
i miss hawker food in usa too =(

~Christine~Leng said...

sorry that I can't make it to pick n brew the other night to meet u guys. but... glad you had fun! :)

Retno Prihadana said...

Hmm...yummy noodles, I love it with beef balls, bakcoy, shrimps, chicken :))

Big Boys Oven said...

simple and yet look so tasty!

daphne said...

new kids on the blog- yes! the posts will come soon. =)

wandering- tummy is ok now!

nigel- :p

d- oh yeah! hawker food rules!

christine- that's ok! hope we will meet next time.

retno-good idea!

big boys oven- thanks!

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