Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sunshiney Spring!

Yay! Spring is upon us. Pretty sunshine, flowers and grass. No more cloudy, grey days and dark skies at 7am in the morning! To me, it means that I dont have to run with my mickey mouse gloves anymore (the only pair of gloves I have that my auntie gave me when I was 16).

Spring means lighter food as well. A good old toasted sandwich or perhaps salads for main meal to ward off those nasty calories accumulated during winter.

Fresh bread is really appealing to me. Lucky us, we have access to a little bakery near our church where we go to after service. The scent and taste is just different-for the lack of a better word!

So in celebration of spring, I made a classic toasted egg sandwich with fresh turkish bread. I love light lunches like these!

Spring Toasted Egg Sandwich (serves 2)
Fresh Turkish Bread (i bought the mini ones) sliced half horizontally.

3 eggs
2 tablespoons of dijon mayo
2 tsp of dukkah
salt and pepper
baby spinach leaves

1) Boil eggs for around 15 miutes. Peel and mash. Mix with dijon mayo, salt, pepper and dukkah.

2) Preheat sandwich maker. Place spinach leaves on the bread first, followed by egg mixture. Place bread back on to sandwich and toast till golden brown.

3) Serve with oven baked chips.


paw paw said...

Good weather...good kind of day.
Btw...what's dukkah?

noobcook said...

ahhh I am stuck with all-year-round-hot-summer-with-occassional-monsoon in Singapore!! >_< Your lovely sandwich is such a great way to usher in spring! :)

Dee said...

I'm with noobcook :) I need to use up the last bits of Dukkah. There's not enough to do very much with, so this is an idea. Thanks Daphne.

Life for Beginners said...

Me wonders where I could find Turkish Bread here in KL, much less fresh ones. But I will attempt with lusty adventure! ;)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Easy and delicious! I like light lunches like this too.

Jackson said...

when i first lok at the picture, i thought u bough it somewhere!!! What a great cook u r!

Salt N Turmeric said...

love love love egg sandwich. but u know what? everytime i make this, it just doesn taste or look right. lol.

CECIL said...

oohh, i have always loved spinach in sandwich! delicious!!

Beachlover said...

I didn't know Aust is spring time now.Love spring flowers and air.sorry to ask what is dukkah?

tigerfish said...

Spring to a sandwich! For me, anytime!

Anonymous said...


Never a fan of egg sandwiches, but yours look so delicious. It has a wholesome homemade feel, with store-bought presentation.


SIG said...

I love these sort of toasted sandwiches. Do miss the ones in Paris. :P

daphne said...

paw paw, beachlover- dukkah is essentially crushed nuts made up of almonds, sesame seeds, hazelnuts..etc depending on the bottle u pick up. It's really good and versatile on everything!

sig- I bet paris' sandwiches r so much better too.

Skinnymum-oo welcome!!!

tigerfish-hehe, me too. I love a good sandwich.

cecil-it's alot better than lettuce i think.

salt & tumeric-i bet stores uses whole egg mayo that's why it tastes so good!

jackson- u r too kind!

little corner- with little to no wash up! hehe

kenny-really? no turkish bread? nooo.

noobcook- =)

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