Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chicken Breast Stuffed with Semi-Sundried Tomatoes and Cheddar

I am so loving my copies of Australia Healthy Food Magazine. A friend recommended me (thanks Laynee- I know u r reading this!) and I got very addicted. It is MY kind of food magazine (I can see AR rolling his eyes because he thinks every food magazine is my kind).It is filled with lots of healthy facts and ways to prepare good tasting food without the scary amounts of calories. From suggested snacks that fill me up to quick dinners to health information, I read it from cover to cover.

This is what I picked up from one of the mag one day. Chicken Breast Stuffed with Semi-sundried tomatoes and chedder. For sides? I mashed potato with cream sweet corn. My friends, you know my pendent for sweet corn of course so this is NO exception.

Honestly, it is not my thing to stuff anything. One deep reason- everything I stuffed comes out. I just can't seem to do it right. Not this time though, I sliced the chicken breast into half, place the sem sundried tomatoes in there, half a slice of chedder, sew it up with a toothpick, rub it with some olive oil and season it with cracked pepper and salt. Then I throw it into a pre-prepared hot pan and hear it sizzle.

A few minutes and then I turned sides. Oh, not forgetting the edges of course. Mashed the potatoes with the sweet corn instead of cream or butter and it was a steal.

And check out the little ruby tomatoes-aren't they calling for you?

Chicken Breast Stuffed with Semi-Sundried Tomatoes and Cheddar   (Serves 2)
2 Chicken Breasts
30 grams of 98% fat free Semi Sun dried tomatoes drained
1 piece of cheddar


Preheat grill pan. Quickly cut chicken breast lengthwise, to open it up to a butterfly. Be careful not to cut through it. Place sundried tomatoes and cheddar in the cavity, seal it up with a toothpick. Season and rub olive oil on them. Place on grill and sizzle. Cook for around 5 minutes on each side and dont forget to sear the edges as well.

Mash 2 potatoes with a can of sweet corn. Season. Serve with salad on the side.

HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! This marks my 10 years in Australia already. So HAPPY 10th Year anniversary between me and you Australia!


tigerfish said...

Gosh, you are in Australia for 10 years already! That's long.

SIG said...

I would love that creamed corn with mash. Happy Aussie Day!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I love your recipe. Can imagine how tasty it can be. I shall try it soon! The mash with sweet corn is a great idea, and I'm surprised I haven't tried that combo before. Yum! P/S. Happy Australia-and-you day!

noobcook said...

I love all the Australian cookbooks - Donna Hay, Women's Weekly etc. I noticed that the food photography is really top notch! I love your colourful and healthy stuffed chicken =)

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