Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spinach Pine Nut Toastie

Sometimes, less is more. I like having toasties for lunches as it makes me feel satisfied without the heavy feeling. This was again inspired by Donna Hay magazine (March/April). Quick and easy, I sauted some spinach, mix in some pine nuts, stuffed in between multigrain bread rolls, toast it and Da Tuh! Done!

Spinach Pine Nut Toastie (serves 2)
around 200 grams of baby spinach 
1 tsp of garlic
squeeze of lemon juice
handful of pine nuts toasted.

2-3 bread rolls.

Saute spinach with garlic. Season with some lemon juice and pepper. Toss in the pine nuts. Fill in between bread rolls toast and serve!


SIG said...

Wow yum! Do you think tuna could fit in there as well with the spinach?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Easy and healthy too! Yum!

noobcook said...

What a simple and yet yummy meal. I love the addition of pine nuts for some crunch crunch :D

tigerfish said...

Can't agree more that toasties are great for lunch!

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