Sunday, October 03, 2010

Slow Cooked Yam and Chinese Cabbage Pork Stew

There is nothing nicer than a hot bowl of rice and stew when I come back from work. Best, if it has been slow cooked and all I needed to do is to heat my rice and stew up. This was one of the "3 meals" I make on a Sunday in preparation for the week ahead.

It makes me realised though, how small my freezer size is. I told AR that we are sooo going for a bigger freezer/fridge in our next home. Plus a dishwasher. 

It's funny how when it comes to chinese stew, I tend to cook by instinct. Or is it by my "stuff it, I need to get it done asap" thoughts? Nevertheless, it made a comfort meal. One that I can count on to make me feel more at home.

Slow Cooked Yam and Chinese Cabbage Pork Stew (serves 4)
400 grams of lean pork
200 grams of yam chopped
1/2 chinese cabbage 
1 tin of straw mushrooms-drained and rinsed
2 tablespoon of oyster sauce
1 tablespoon of soya sauce 
1/4 cup of hua tiao jiu
1 tablespoon of garlic 
150 grams of baby corn chopped 
2 red chili chopped
1 cup of water or stock 

Saute chili and garlic. Add pork and all the seasoning. Cook till nearly done. Add all the veges and yam. Add water and boil. Either place pot back in magic pot or continue to cook for around 1 hr or so. Season with white pepper! =)

1 comment:

noobcook said...

very comfort food. I love slow cooking food recently, coz relatively more fuss-free hehe

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