Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Menu for Easter

Today is the day to be rejoiced! It's Easter Sunday. A day of salvation and grace. A day of reflection and celebration.

Another occasion? Well, it's our ROM anniversary. Given that we celebrate our traditional wedding anniversary instead of our ROM one, we are spending the day in church and painting of old tired looking tiles. We did travel to the place where we said our vows and had a cup of coffee. It feels like yesterday but it has been 2 years when our close family and friends in Perth gathered together to witness us making a commitment to each other.

Veronica from Quay Po and Lena from Frozen Wings tagged me in their celebration of Easter. I get to post five of my recipes to plan a menu. I'm going for a causal get together theme in this menu.

First up, I will be serving  Chorizo and Haloumi Cheese Skewers

Another classic Home Made Garlic Bread

With some healthy Sweet Corn Fritters 

To remember the warriors from Anzac day, I would also present some Anzac Cookies.