Thursday, September 16, 2004

Errands day

Was in uni this morning. The guest lecturer made sense except she really shld hv given more supportive evidence on how 'neurology and psychotherapy' relates to each other (i.e any other before and after treatment change in biochemistry other than PTSD will be good). doesnt help when chris lee gave quite an one sided lecture on PTSD as well.

Let's see, i went to the bank- and the ATM wasnt working! Bankwest better not charge me 5 bucks for using their teller, since it is their fault that the ATM isnt up!Went over to the chancellor building to apply for transcript (each one cost 15bucks and we hv to pay 50 cts to certify for one!! And all they need to do is to photocopy the transcript and chop it! Money grabbers). Then i went to grab lunch for Armand and alan... too bad, no first choice option for armand since they haven cook the honey chicken yet.

Head over to Helen's office for her to stamp my APA student membership form.. She tried to reassure me that least i m progressing n sort of on track. BUt I ONLY HV 5.5 WEEKS LEFT!

Worried abt chee, she haven started on her work yet. what can we do.. we can only try to encourage her.

I am suppose to finish 3 sections of stats today.. I better do it man. I even skipped gym so that i can sleep.. am so tired that i cant focus. Wondering what's wrong? Then again, if i cant finish my work, i really shldnt go to gym!! That is suppose to be my incentive. Luckily Nikki is on holiday today..and Karin will be takign the body move class..oh well. Wil go next week.

Getting sian again.. will write more if i get tired of looking at my work.

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